10 Gadgets That Will Make You Hungry

iphone bacon 224x300Here at Gunaxin, we love Gadgets, we love food, and we’re fairly certain that everybody loves bacon (even more people love bacon than Raymond). So when these worlds collide, the results are just delicious. The fabulous folks at Gizmodo have put together a small collection of Gadgets that will make you Hungry, and we certainly approve. While they have a rather delectable Rice Bowl Bra in their collection, our loyalties lean more towards the Bacon Bikini. Keeping on the bacon theme, the iPhone case to the right is apparently a German product :

The description’s all in German, and I don’t know what or who a “Fr├╝hst├╝cksspeck” is, but the case is “Absolute Trendtasche!!!” and who am I to argue with that?