11 Reasons to Visit Salt Lake City

City 560x187Visiting Salt Lake City is worthwhile because it offers tourists many fun things to do. To see what we mean, please read these eleven reasons why you should visit Salt Lake City:

1) History Lives There

History 560x187There are many landmarks that poignantly describe Salt Lake City’s history to visitors. Some of these landmarks are located near DoubleTree suites that offer access to Salt Lake City’s most popular attractions.

2) It’s the Sports Capital of Utah

Jazz 560x187Salt Lake City is the home of the NBA’s Utah Jazz and the Pacific Coast League’s Salt Lake Bees. It is also the home of the University of Utah’s most popular sports venues. As a result, it’s easy to see why Salt Lake City is proudly called Utah’s sports capital by many sports aficionados.

3) It’s a Skier’s Delight

Ski 560x187The greater Salt Lake City area is located near 15 popular ski resorts. Many of these ski resorts are located near Salt Lake City hotels that offer spa services, golf courses and other amenities that make visiting the Four Corners Area worthwhile.

4) It’s an Outdoorsmen’s Playground

Fish 560x187The greater Salt Lake City area is also located close to many state parks that offer some of Utah’s best hiking, golfing, fishing and canoeing opportunities. Many of these facilities also offer outdoor enthusiasts a chance to see many birds and animals that are native to the Four Corners area.

5) Public Gardens Abound

Garden 560x186Salt Lake City’s public gardens offer gardening enthusiasts a fun way to learn about Utah’s native flora. Many of these gardens are located near aviaries and museums that are also fun to explore.

6) It’s a Children’s Paradise

Zoo 560x187Salt Lake City features more than 100 kid-friendly venues. Some of these venues include the Hogle Zoo Complex, the Children’s Museum of Utah, Thanksgiving Point and several amusement parks.

7) You Can Eat Well There

Food 560x187Salt Lake City’s culinary scene features more than 200 eateries that serve delicious Italian, Indian, Greek, French, Japanese and Mexican cuisine. It also features more than 200 eateries that serve delicious American fare including barbecued pork and charbroiled steaks. Vegetarians will also enjoy exploring the vegetarian restaurants that dot the area near Salt Lake City’s historical downtown area.

8) There Are Many Shopping Opportunities

Shopping 560x187Salt Lake City is home to more than 1,000 stores that offer something for everyone. Most of these stores are located near aquariums, concert halls and theaters that offer families many ways to have fun together.

9) It’s Utah’s Art Capital

Arts 560x187Salt Lake City’s art scene features more than 25 venues that celebrate Utah’s vibrant contributions to painting, sculpture, music and dance. Many of these venues host art festivals that attract thousands of visitors each year.

10) It’s a Movie Haven

Movie 560x187Movie buffs will enjoy visiting the movie theaters that dot the area near Salt Lake City’s downtown area. Many of these movies theaters are located near pubs, pizzerias and other casual dining spots.

11) You Don’t Need a Car

Train 560x187It’s easy to travel without a car in Salt Lake City because it features pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes that are easy to use. Moreover, Salt Lake City’s public transportation system offers reliable bus and rail service that can help you avoid driving your car during rush hour.

As you can see, Salt Lake City offers visitors many fun things to do each day that make visiting the Four Corners Area special. As a result, be sure to explore everything Salt Lake City has to offer to see why it is the most popular tourist destination in the Four Corners Area.