130 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins

HalloweenPumpkinCarvings1The good folks at Walyou put together the ultimate collection of Pumpkin Carvings for geeks a few years back, and it was so epic we thought it was worth revisiting…

Here we gathered the Ultimate Pumpkin collection that consists of 130 Halloween Pumpkin Carvings for Your Inspiration which hopefully give you some cool and creative ideas for Halloween 2009. It includes Star Wars characters, Video Game themes, Geeky Pumpkin Faces, Horror Movie tribute pumpkin collection and also a Mixture that is perfect for everyone.

Star Wars Characters Pumpkin Faces (22 Pics)

star wars halloween pumpkin carvings

Geeky Halloween Pumpkin Carvings (25 Pics)

pumpkin carving geeks

Gaming Theme Pumpkin Art (21 Pics)

halloween pumpkins video game themes

Horror Movie Pumpkin Collection (28 Pics)

scary halloween pumpkins horror movies

Geeky Pumpkin Faces (34 Pics)

halloween pumpkin carvings