15 Photos of Lady Gaga Dressed Like an Idiot

gaga header 560x373Unless you’ve been living with the uncontacted tribes in Peru, you’ve probably noticed pop sensation Lady Gaga has become this generation’s Madonna. Slightly attractive, moderately talented and vastly overexposed, Gaga is a hit machine and media magnet. She’s also a fame whore who gains extra attention by wearing ridiculous clothing befitting characters from a bad science fiction novel. One day, hopefully soon, her act will wear thin. But until such time we can look forward to more Lady Gaga dressed like an idiot clown from outer space.

gaga 2

From the Heat Miser summer line.

gaga 3 560x843

Inspired by Adam Sandler’s Saturday Night Live character, Crazy Cotton Candy Head.

gaga 4

Two words: fish eggs.

gaga 5

Part of the Miss Piggy collection.

gaga 6

2001: A Space Oddity.

gaga 7

Pipe insulation chic.

gaga 8

Bring out the Gimp.

gaga 9

Eskimo elegant.

gaga 10

Mocha latte madness.

gaga 11

Flatbread fabulous.

gaga 12

Vegan nightmare.

gaga 13

On loan from Ric Flair.

gaga condom

Hi-yo, Condom! Away!

gaga 15

Send in the FEMBOT!

gaga 16