15 Great Sports Apps for the iPhone

iPhone2 267x300You know that your iPhone can do amazing things. But did you also know that you can easily and, in most cases, affordably turn your iPhone into the most comprehensive on-the-go sports resource? While most of the great iPhone sports apps are actually free, some of the more specialized items on the list could cost you a pretty penny. The question you have to ask yourself is, what is the price are you willing to put on instant access, knowledge, and power?

CBS Sports: College

Cost: $4.99

While limited in scope, the CBS sports iphone app may be the perfect pair with the FanTell March Madness app — you get one college football or basketball game streaming directly to your phone per week.

DirecTV SuperFan

Cost: You don’t want to know

directtv superfan 75x75Stuck at Aunt Hilda’s 80th birthday bash and can’t make it home for the big game? No worries with DirecTV SuperFan, you can stream your must-see games directly on your iphone. The only problem is you must: be a DirecTV subscriber, pay the additional $300 for NFL Sunday Ticket service, and an additional $100 for SuperFan.

ESPN Score Center

Price: Free

Be one of more than 2.7 million iPhone users to download the ESPN Score Center iphone app and follow your favorite sports teams anywhere they go and anywhere you go. Personalize alert subscriptions, rank your favorite teams, and even keep up to date on your fantasy leagues.

ESPN Zoom Deluxe

Cost: $2.99

espn zoom delux 75x75Now you can play the “photo hunt” game at the bar on your iPhone. The ESPN Zoom Deluxe app allows you to zoom in on sports photos with the help of EpiTilt technology.

Fantell March Madness NCAA Predictions

Cost: $1.99

Any leg up you can get on the workplace NCAA tournament bracket is worth it. With the Fantell March Madness app, score predictions are easy to make, and the iphone app will take you to a current list of the tournament round. Make your predictions and then see how you stack up against the real overall score all through and compare your accuracy standings with other users.

Fox Sports Team App

Price: Free

You turn to FOX Sports for your non-stop sports coverage. Do the same with the FOX Sports app. Choose up to six of your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and college football and basketball games to get comprehensive news, scores, stats, schedules, and team rosters.

iSki Trail Maps

Cost: Free

iSki trail maps 75x75Have you ever tried to unfold a trail map with gloved hands? It doesn’t always work out too well. The iSki Trail Maps app takes all the hassle out of ski trail navigation. With more than 400 maps from Utah to Switzerland, featuring phone numbers, Web sites, and address of ski resorts the app is more than just a map. The trail maps highlight trail names and levels making it easier to decide what your next run will be.


Cost: $2.99

iswing 75x75Ditch your swing coach. For three bucks you can hire your iPhone to help you master one of the most unnatural motions in sports. iSwing allows you to capture video of your swing and analyze your video up to 20 and 60 percent the normal speed. You can even draw straight lines in either red or blue to check your angles. Try comparing your swing side-by-side with pro Adam Scott.

I Heart Radio

Price: Free

While not “technically” a sports app, I Heart Radio gives you access to sports radio stations you can’t get on local radio or the ESPN Radio App. You can also check out some of the NHL games on streaming radio stations.

Madden 2010

Price: $9.99

madden 2010 75x75Just another example of how the iPhone can replace multiple devices, now you can bring Madden with wherever your iPhone takes you. Although the app is significantly more expensive than most of our other apps, any Madden fan will find it well worth the dough; the powers that be have found ways to utilize the iPhone touch screen better than most.

MLB At Bat

Cost: Full $9.99, Lite Free

MLB at bat 75x75Get live game-day radio and video feed broadcasts for the season’s biggest games. And now you can purchase live streams of individual games for $0.99 a piece.

NBA League Mobile Pass

Cost: $9.99

Watch all of the drama of your favorite NBA teams as they battle it out during the regular or post season. You can even access full game replays up to 48 hours after the game and get instant access to player stats and game scores.

Sports Illustrated

Price: $4.99

sports illustrated 75x75All major sports fans are dialed into Sports Illustrated issues the day they hit the newsstand or mailbox, but now these eager beavers don’t have to wait on the publishing world. The Sports Illustrated app gives you access to photos, article content, and live sports scores that conform to your preference. iPad users get even more out of the SI app, featuring the magazine almost in its entirety — an especially convenient feature during the swimsuit edition time of year.

Touch KO

Cost: $4.99

touch KO 75x75Depending on how much you’re missing your Tekken fighting days, shelling out five bucks for the Touch KO app may be money well spent. The cool thing about his app is it’s not just a one-and-done fighting app; you can work your way through the ranks of potential contenders. Its intuitive design makes for effortless maneuvering, and 3D graphics make for as-real-as-you-can get smartphone battles.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Cost: $0.99

A comprehensive list wouldn’t be complete anymore without a UFC resource. Watch fights live from your phone, fighter videos and weigh ins, and even get more access to the Octogon Girls. For $44.99 per match you can get Pay-Per-View matches streaming straight to your phone as well.

As new iphone apps continue to jump into the marketplace, we’re sure even better sports apps are just around the corner. Till then, you can find these great sports apps and other great iphone apps through the Apple store.

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