20 Worst Movies Made By Oscar Winners

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Winning an Academy Award for acting is no small feat. In fact, it’s quite a difficult thing to do. There are lots of talented actors making great films. However, sometimes these thespians or their agents just make terrible, terrible decisions. These 20 Oscar-winning actors have made some of the worst movies after winning their little golden guy. Accompanied with the movie title is its Rotten Tomatoes fresh percentage. As always, personal opinions are important, so if you’re choice has been left out, please drop it in the comments!


Robert Duvall
Kicking & Screaming

Won for Tender Mercies. Twenty-five years later was in Kicking & Screaming42% Fresh Rating. Perhaps he was trying to ride the “Will Ferrell leading man” train, or trying to play to the family market. Either way, bad decision Mr. Duvall.

Robert Duvall Kicking and Scre


Angelina Jolie

Won for Girl, Interrupted. Then made Alexander16% Fresh Rating. Mrs. Brad Pitt has quite a few rotten movies under her belt, including the movie she won for at 54%, but Alexander takes the cake. It’s 2 hours and 55 minutes of pure awfulness.

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Marisa Tomei
Wild Hogs

Won for My Cousin Vinny. Then made Wild Hogs: 14% Fresh Rating. Marisa Tomei has quite a few duds in her bag. She redeemed herself a little for her great performance in The Wrestler, but that doesn’t excuse making this trainwreck mid-life crisis biking flick.

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Kevin Spacey

Won for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. Then made K-PAX41% Fresh Rating. Sorry Mr. Spacey, but you don’t get a pass because you ate an entire banana, peel and all.

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Reese Witherspoon
Four Christmases

Won for Walk the Line. Then made Four Christmases: 26% Fresh Rating. Another actress who has fallen prey to trying to make that next great holiday flick. Not even Vince Vaughn (no stranger doing the same thing, e.g. Fred Claus) could bring this movie to tolerable levels.

Reese Witherspoon Four Christmases 560x315


Liza Minnelli
Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Won for Cabaret. Then made Arthur 2: On the Rocks13% Fresh Rating. The whole gang was back! Ugh. Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielguld couldn’t save this sequel. Now the real question is, was the Russell Brand remake worse than this tripe? It’s a close call.

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F. Murray Abraham
Last Action Hero

Won for Amadeus. Then made Last Action Hero38% Fresh Rating. John Practice forever! What was his thought process here? The movie is comically bad. He probably has this on loop at his house. He’s that proud.

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De Niro and Pacino
Righteous Kill

Won for The Godfather Part II and Raging Bull; won for Scent of a Woman. Then they both made Righteous Kill19% Fresh Rating. How could this movie fail? What with  50 Cent, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy and John Leguizamo guest starring. Oh right, the script was garbage.

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Jamie Foxx
Law Abiding Citizen

Won for Ray. Then made Law Abiding Citizen25% Fresh Rating. Anyone who tells you that this movie is some clever take on justice is flat out wrong. It’s a manipulative and ridiculous premise. But hey, at least he gets to blow up the bad guy.

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Jon Voight
Bratz: The Movie

Won for Coming Home. Then made Bratz: The Movie7% Fresh Rating. The only explanation is this was nothing more than a cash grab.

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Sean Connery
The Avengers

Won for The Untouchables. Then made The Avengers15% Fresh Rating. Does James Bond get a pass here? No way! Looks like Joss Whedon will try to “avenge” this paltry movie. And Sean Connery is only relevant because of Celebrity Jeopardy?

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Christopher Walken
Balls of Fury

Won for The Deer Hunter. Then made Balls of Fury23% Fresh Rating. Is this fair? He thought this movie would be way better. Dan Fogler was coming off his Tony Award win. Sadly, this movie was terrible, boring and not funny. In order for a comedy to be a success, you sort of need those three things to be the other way around.

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Whoopi Goldberg
For Colored Girls

Won for Ghost. Then made For Colored Girls33% Fresh Rating. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with a Tyler Perry directed stage adaptation of a play of the same name, but something in his pedigree didn’t really leave anyone to believe this would be good. Whoopi should’ve passed, but she probably needed the money.

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Denzel Washington
John Q.

Won for Glory and Training Day. Then made John Q: 23% Fresh Rating. Just what we all needed. One of the biggest movie stars of our generation taking on HMOs. Snooze!

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Robin Williams
License to Wed

Won for Good Will Hunting. Then made… oh, we’ll just pick License to Wed: 7% Fresh Rating. Robin Williams has never been one to make a ton of great movies. Perhaps his best work is in Aladdin. Still, he fits the mold.

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Marlon Brando
The Island of Dr. Moreau

Won for The Godfather and On The Waterfront. Then made The Island of Dr. Moreau23% Fresh Rating. Not even Val Kilmer could save this disaster. When Brando read the script and saw  he was a self-appointed ruler of genetically mutated man-beasts, what made him say “Yes!” Perhaps ruling over a menagerie was one of the items on his bucket list.

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Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Snow Dogs

Won for Jerry Maguire. Then made Snow Dogs: 24% Fresh Rating.  The movie poster is bad enough. Amazingly, the movie is somehow worse. And we didn’t forget about Boat Trip either!

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Roberto Benigni

Won for Life is Beautiful. Then made Pinocchio0% Fresh Rating. Yes, that’s right, 0%. And not only did he star in it, he was the screenwriter and director. He gets all of the blame here.

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Halle Berry

Won for Monster’s Ball. Then made Catwoman10% Fresh Rating. Worst part is the director has one name: Pitof. How pretentious? He and this turd deserved each other.

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Nic Cage
Season of the Witch

Won for Leaving Las Vegas. Then made Season of the Witch – 8%, G-Force – 22%, Knowing – 33%, Bangkok Dangerous – 8%, Ghost Rider – 27%, Next – 28%, The Wicker Man – 15%, Windtalkers –33%, 8MM – 22%… do you see a pattern here?

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