2008 Internet Funnies

2008 has given us a great year filled with interweb funnies. Let’s look at some of the funny material that’s been spread around the internet.

Chocolate Rain – by Tay Zonday. Tay’s an aspiring singer/songwriter and tapes himself singing his nonsensical song “Chocolate Rain.” Watch to the 25 second mark for the notable moment (in subtitles), “**I move away from the mic to breathe in.”

“Chocolate Rain” was parodied by a lot of people, but the most popular was by “Chad Vader.”

Rick Roll. If you haven’t heard about the art of Rick Rolling, you’ve missed out. The premise is to lead someone to believe they’re opening a link to something interesting, but only to see Rick Astley’s 1986 hit single, Never Gonna Give You Up.

Even President-Elect, Barack Obama got into some Rick Rolling action.

See the Thanksgiving Day Rick Roll appearance.

Pedobear. We won’t get into the meaning of Pedobear, but there are loads of funny Pedobear pictures out there. Disclaimer: Gunaxin does not condone the intent, implication or actions taken by the Pedobear. We merely find the pictures funny.
pedoclaus 300x295

Sesame Street characters Bert & Ernie get down with some OG rap.

The “Om Nom Nom Nom” pictures. Similar to the icanhascheezburger series but replaced with “Om Nom Nom Nom” (eating sounds).

omnomnom 300x211

Beyoncé’s song, Single Ladies has sprung up some pretty funny videos.  On SNL, Justin Timberlake takes part in the skit, “We’re the dancers.”

justintimberlakesingleladies 300x168

Then there’s the weirdo dancing to the choreography of Beyoncé’s video.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel got an interesting surprise from his then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman during his late night talk show. In a hilarious video, Sarah reveals to Jimmy that she’s sleeping with Matt Damon.

Later, Jimmy decided to get some revenge by airing a video titled “I’m <spaghetti cat> Ben Affleck.”

A comedy troupe dresses up 200 people and has them freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York. Normal every day people don’t know what to make of the situation.

Lastly, there’s spaghetti cat.

While a guest was discussing their experience with binge drinking on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, an inexplicable cut to a cat eating spaghetti has become an internet sensation. WTF you ask yourself? Apparently, instead of just bleeping expletives, the show decided to use the spaghetti cat instead.