2012 NFL Las Vegas Over/Under Win Total Predictions

Andrew Luck AP120426018350 620x350 560x316The schedules are out for the 2012 NFL season, and with that Las Vegas has released its early over/under win totals for each team.

Here are predictions on the over/under along with some thoughts and my confidence level on a scale of 1-10 for each pick.

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Green Bay Packers: 12 (Over) —┬áConfidence Level: 8

I don’t see their level of play dropping off enough to make more than a two game difference from last year.

New England Patriots: 12 (Under) — Confidence Level: 6

Can Belichick put together a competent secondary to win 13 games? I’m not so sure.

Houston Texans: 10 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

Despite losing Mario Williams, this Texans defense is loaded.

Philadelphia Eagles: 10 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Who’s running the show when Michael Vick gets injured?

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New Orleans Saints: 10 (Under) — Confidence Level: 8

They still have talent, but there’s too much going on for them to win 11 games.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 (Over) — Confidence Level: 9

This is a team that you can trust.

Baltimore Ravens: 10 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

No Terrell Suggs will hurt, but their offense will only get better.

San Francisco 49ers: 10 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

This defense will only get better.

Denver Broncos: 9.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

Banking on a healthy Peyton, this team should win ten games.

New York Giants: 9.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

The secondary and pass rush isn’t going anywhere.

Detroit Lions: 9.5 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Can they sustain a healthy backfield?

San Diego Chargers: 9 (Under) — Confidence Level: 9

I don’t see the Norv Turner team that struggled last year winning nine games.

Atlanta Falcons: 9 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

Julio Jones has a year of experience under his belt, and they also added Asante Samuel to the secondary.

Chicago Bears: 8.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 9

With a healthy Jay Cutler and the addition of Brandon Marshall, this offense will thrive.

Dallas Cowboys: 8.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 9

The secondary, last year’s glaring weakness, has been revamped.

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New York Jets: 8.5 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Everything seems to be going downhill for Rex Ryan, especially from a chemistry standpoint.

Kansas City Chiefs: 8 (Under) — Confidence Level: 8

A healthy Jamaal Charles isn’t enough to win this team nine games.

Cincinnati Bengals: 7.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

Last year wasn’t a fluke, and Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will only get better.

Carolina Panthers: 7.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 5

This is a tough call, but a healthy Jon Beason will greatly aid a defense that struggled last year.

Miami Dolphins: 7.5 (Under) — Confidence Level: 10

They traded away their only offensive threat, and spent their first-round pick on a quarterback who won’t be starting by the end of the year.

Tennessee Titans: 7 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

I’m a Jake Locker believer, and there’s no way Chris Johnson mirrors last year’s terrible season.

Buffalo Bills: 7 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

This defense will be good enough to win eight games.

Seattle Seahawks: 7 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

An underrated defense and the addition of Matt Flynn should equal eight wins for this team.

Oakland Raiders: 7 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

I just don’t think Carson Palmer is the remedy with an injury-prone Darren McFadden.

wins palmer 560x377

Arizona Cardinals: 7 (Under) — Confidence Level: 5

Tough pick, but a team without a solid quarterback situation is hardly ever a good option.

Washington Redskins: 6.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

This offense is good enough now to win at least seven games.

St. Louis Rams: 6 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Sam Bradford will get there eventually, but at this point seven games is out of the question for the Rams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

They added enough pieces to finish at .500.

Minnesota Vikings: 6 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Their division is just too good right now.

Cleveland Browns: 5.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 8

Their defense wasn’t the problem last year, and they added a stud in Trent Richardson.

Indianapolis Colts: 5.5 (Over) — Confidence Level: 7

Andrew Luck adds four or five wins to this team.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 5.5 (Under) — Confidence Level: 7

Justin Blackmon’s aggravated DUI is a revealing omen of the Jaguars future.

wins blakmon 560x316