2013 All-NBA Dancers

NBA Dancers 560x341The 2013 NBA season had more excitement than asking Amanda Bynes to drive you home late at night. The Lakers couldn’t figure out how to hire the right coach, Lebron went postal on the league, Chris Paul was finally held responsible for flopping, and the Orlando Magic miss Dwight Howard. There were so many other story lines to follow, I might run out of battery on my laptop before we get to them. So let’s just agree that this season was wacky and fun at the same time and move on to the ladies, huh?

For the first time in my adult life, I get to make an All-Pro squad of the hottest Dancers in the NBA from this past season. I never thought this moment would come. It is an honor and a privilege to discover some of the most underrated talent in the NBA, the Dancers.

This squad consists of 25 members from all across the NBA. Each Dancer has been discovered using a very scientifically sound equation measuring overall quality and sex appeal. So don’t bother trying to figure it out, it is my own personal problem, literally.

Rose – Atlanta Hawks

25 Rose Atl 560x853

Paige – Houston Rockets

24 Paige Houston 560x840

Angela – Milwaukee Bucks

23 Angela Bukcs e1370054693636 560x780

Bethany – Indiana Pacers

Bethany 13 560x841

Jen – Charlotte Bobcats

21 Jen Charlotte 560x622

Deanna – Golden State Warriors

20 Deanna GSW

Sierra – New York Knicks

19 Sierra Knicks

Brittany – Indiana Pacers

18 Brittany Indiana

Alexa – New Orleans Pelicans

17 Alexa NOH 560x836

Alisa – Minnesota Timberwolves

16 Alisa Minnesota 560x842

Ashley – Boston Celtics

15 Ashley Boston 560x840

Amanda – Brooklyn Nets

14 Amanda Brooklyn

CJ – New York Knicks

13 CJ Knicks 560x339

Laura – Houston Rockets

laura big 3 560x840

Felicia – Golden State Warriors

11 Felicia GSW

Samantha – Minnesota Timberwolves

10 Samantha Minnesota 560x842

Ashley – Chicago Bulls

9 Ashley Chicago

Katerina – Sacramento Kings

Katerina Sacremento

Rebecca – San Antonio Spurs

Rebecca SAS

Jenny – Phoenix Suns

461431 538418932876226 2116995143 o 560x841

Stephanie – Miami Heat

5 Stephanie Miami 560x560

Angelica – Brooklyn Nets

4 Angelica Brooklyn

Casie – Dallas Mavericks

3 Casie Dallas 560x1029

Ginger – New Orleans Pelicans

2 Ginger NOH

Christina – Brooklyn Nets

1 Christina Brooklyn