2014 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings

Jamal CharlesIt is never too early to start planning ahead for the 2014 season. For the majority of fantasy football players, the season ended about a month ago so next season could not come fast enough.

If we learned anything in 2013, it is that Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, and Calvin Johnson are money. These are the players you want to take in the first round of any league, regardless of the PPR status. These are the no doubters. The rest fill in the remainder of the draft board.

So, to make things go a lot smoother, we will take a look at the top players as we head into the 2014 season, of course we have not accounted for trades, free agency, injuries, or anything that might change their status so please keep that in mind when checking out this list.

Top 50 for 2014 Fantasy Football PPR

1. Jamaal Charles

2. LeSean McCoy

3. Peyton Manning

4. Adrian Peterson

calvin johnson

5. Calvin Johnson

6. Drew Brees

7. Marshawn Lynch

8. Matt Forte

9. A.J. Green

10. Alfred Morris

11. Demaryius Thomas

12. Aaron Rodgers

13. CJ Spiller

14. Jimmy Graham

Dez Bryant

15. Dez Bryant

16. Arian Foster

17. Cam Newton

18. Brandon Marshall

19. Rob Gronkowski

20. Eddie Lacy

21. Josh Gordon

22. Julio Jones

23. Victor Cruz

24. Reggie Bush

Shane Vereen

25. Shane Vereen

26. Matthew Stafford

27. Randall Cobb

28. Antonio Brown

29. Zac Stacy

30. Alshon Jeffrey

31. DeSean Jackson

32. Maurice Jones Drew

33. Doug Martin

34. LeVeon Bell

Knowshon Moreno

35. Knowshon Moreno

36. Roddy White

37. Ryan Matthews

38. Andre Johnson

39. Percy Harvin

40. DeMarco Murray

41. Giovani Bernard

42. Frank Gore

43. Julius Thomas

44. Pierre Garcon

Jordy Nelson

45. Jordy Nelson

46. Tom Brady

47. Andy Dalton

48. Eric Decker

49. Vernon Davis

50. Ray Rice