2015 Kia Sorento : Road Trip

Sorento Road Trip 560x218Recently we embarked upon an epic 1000 mile north-east road trip in the 2015 Kia Sorento and you probably saw some of our adventures via social media with the hashtag, #SorentoTour. We departed from Baltimore and picked up GuysGab in New Jersey with the navigation system set for Fenway Park in Boston. Once we arrived in Beantown, we began a bucket list tour of five ballparks in five days and invited some friends in each city to join us for the game.

Sorento Tour 1 560x280We pre-gamed at bars, tailgated in the parking lots, saw monuments to heroes past, ate plenty of awesome food, and had a great time at every stop on the tour. We detailed some of the sights we saw in each city and a write-up of each ballpark for separate features, but today we’re going to focus our road trip vehicle, the Kia Sorento.

Sorento Tour 2 560x280We drove a 2015 Kia Sorento SX AWD equipped with everything that you’d want for a 1000 mile road trip. The navigation system and satellite radio were a definite must for the Sorento Tour, and the 8″ screen with modern interface proved to be a reliable resource for the entire trip. Always knowing how far we were from our destination, and how much range we had on the current tank of gas was a welcome change from the road trips we remember from our youth. We also took full advantage of the variety of charging outlets on the Sorento; 12V DC, USB, and even AC for the rear passengers! Even the power folding mirrors proved very useful for some tight squeezes in Boston and New York.

Three adults driving 1000 miles in a crossover for 6 days with luggage, tailgating gear and food doesn’t sound like a recipe for comfort, but we surprisingly had plenty of space. The back held all of our gear, and we kept it low enough that it didn’t even block the view out the rear of the vehicle. Sometimes on road trips you find yourself stopping every half hour just to get out of the car, but we never felt that in the Sorento. Our stops along the road were reserved for bathroom breaks and photo opportunities, and never once did we stop due to someone being uncomfortable sitting in the car all day.

Sorento Tour 3 560x280We particularly enjoyed the panoramic sunroof, which gave the Sorento an open feeling, even for the passenger in the back. Check out this Hyperlapse video we filmed through the sunroof driving down 5th Avenue in New York on an overcast day. As you can see from reading our Ballpark or Sightseeing wrap-ups from the trip, we packed a ton of fun into six days on the road with the Kia Sorento. You can see even more stops along the way in the gallery below, which contains mostly images we shared on Instagram during the trip. See if you can name each spot, and we’ll include an answer key below :

  1. Pez Visitor’s Center – Orange, CT
  2. Bleacher Bar – Boston, MA
  3. Fenway Park – Boston, MA
  4. Wahlburgers – Hingham, MA
  5. Mystic Seaport – Mystic, CT
  6. CitiField – Queens, NY
  7. Manhattan Skyline – Hoboken, NJ
  8. Carlo’s Bakery (Cake Boss) – Hoboken, NJ
  9. Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA
  10. Independence Hall – Philadelphia, PA
  11. B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD
  12. Orioles Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore, MD

The 2015 Kia Sorento had everything we needed for a multi-city road trip with 3 adults. We even added a 4th adult to the vehicle for the last two days of the trip, and didn’t skip a beat. Plenty of power, plenty of space, and modern technology that made the trip easy and fun. We’d like to thank Kia for making the trip possible, and our only regret is that we didn’t attempt to climb the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art… in the Sorento.

Sorento Tour 4 560x326For more details about the Kia Sorento,

check out our review of the 2014 model.