21 Jump Street Movie has a Red Band Trailer

21 jump street

For the seven of you out there itching to see footage from the 21 Jump Street movie adaptation, stop scratching now and put those laughing hats on tight. Stay tuned for a three-minute long (why?) red band trailer complete with fat jokes, masturbation references, Ice Cube cursing, zany party antics, ’80s nostalgia, teen angst and pants-shitting. If not for the glaring omission of Richard Grieco, I’d swear I was watching the original TV series. Sadly, I have to wait five months before not paying to see this hunk of dreck at a theater. Fiddlesticks!

On a side note, obese Jonah Hill is way funnier than skinny Jonah Hill. Screw eating right and exercising. I prefer my portly comedians to kick ass for awhile then die young. Take it from John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley, Jonah. It’s better to have your heart explode at 33 or 43 than 63 or 73.

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