The 25 Greatest Neighbors in TV History

kramer seinfeld 560x446 When you think about television and the shows there-on, it starts to become abundantly clear that one of the classic staples of the comedy program is and was the lovable irritation of the neighbor. Playing nearly always a second fiddle to the primary protagonist, the neighbor can be a best friend, an acquaintance, or just someone who pops in on occasion for a little slice of comedic cheese.

But the simple fact remains that without such a neighbor, the balance would be tipped so awkwardly that the show itself would just feel completely off. Neighbors have sometimes become even more likable than the main characters. Conversely, some have become the absolute epitome of annoyance to the point that they have garnered a little chunk of pop culture all their own. But they are still neighbors — always present, often times irksome, and never forgotten. Here are twenty-five of the most well-known from television history.

25) Freddy Benson

The Show: iCarly

Proximity to Carly Shay: Right across the hall.

Claim to Fame: Best friend and tech-guru for the iCarly web show.

24) The Ladies of Wisteria Lane

The Show: Desperate Housewives

Proximity to Each Other: All neighbors on Wisteria Lane

Claim to Fame: They all seem to harbor secrets and probably want to kill each other.

23) Wilona

The Show: Good Times

Proximity to the Evans: Next apartment neighbor.

Claim to Fame: Albeit a best friend to Florida, sometimes her nature was less than appropriate. She was a tough chick.

22) Mr. Wilson

The Show: Dennis the Menace

Proximity to the Mitchells: Next-door neighbor.

Claim to Fame: The oft brutalized and irritable target of irksome child, Dennis.

21) Mary Barone

The Show: Everybody Loves Raymond

Proximity to the Barones: Next-door neighbor

Claim to Fame: Ray's mother and principal cause for thousands of headaches.

20) Mr. Feeny

The Show: Boy Meets World

Proximity to the Matthews: Next-door neighbor

Claim to Fame: He also happens to be Cory's teacher and somewhat of a mentor.

19) Patrick Star & Squidward Tentacles

The Show: Spongebob Squarepants

Proximity to Spongebob: Neighbors on either side of the pineapple.

Claim to Fame: Squidward, though pegged as Spongebob's pal, is much more of an unfortunate pawn in his daily activities. Patrick, on the other hand, is Spongebob's best friend.

18) Cherie Johnson

The Show: Punky Brewster

Proximity to Punk and George: Upstairs neighbors

Claim to Fame: Once Punky moves in with George, Cherie rapidly becomes her best friend.

17) Joey, Chandler, Monica & Rachel

The Show: Friends

Proximity to Each Other: In several seasons of the show, Joey and Chandler lived across the hall from Monica and Rachel.

Claim to Fame: They're all friends. Duh.

16) Winnie Cooper

The Show: The Wonder Years

Proximity to the Arnolds: They live close on the same block.

Claim to Fame: On-again, off-again crushes, but always friends.

15) Kimmy Gibbler

The Show: Full House

Proximity to the Tanners: Annoying neighbor.

Claim to Fame: Really, really annoying neighbor. Also DJ's best friend.

14) Fred and Ethel Mertz

The Show: I Love Lucy

Proximity to the Ricardos: Neighbors and best friends.

Claim to Fame: Though best friends, few know that the Mertz's were also the building's landlords.

13) The Westons

The Show: The Golden Girls

Proximity to the Girls: Next-door neighbors and eventual spin-off recipients (Empty Nest).

Claim to Fame: The Weston daughters showed up at the Girl's house frequently and thus were awarded Empty Nest. Good for them.

12) Mrs. Dubcek

The Show: 3rd Rock From the Sun

Proximity to the Solomons: She's the landlord and lives downstairs.

Claim to Fame: Smoker, drinker and sexual deviant, she enjoys regaling tales of her exploits to the Solomons.

11) Trevor and Raquel Ochmonek

The Show: ALF

Proximity to the Tanners: Nosy neighbors.

Claim to Fame: Frequently their nosiness gets a bit too close to ALF.

10) Wilson

The Show: Home Improvement

Proximity to the Taylors: Backyard neighbor.

Claim to Fame: Much of Wilson was never seen. His speeches were often a conscience-like voice of reason and he often failed in his attempts to warn Tim of an impending accident.

9) Harry Bentley

The Show: The Jeffersons

Proximity to the Jeffersons: Next-door neighbor.

Claim to Fame: British, droll, and a Russian translator... who knew?

8) The D’Arcy’s

The Show: Married... With Children

Proximity to the Bundys: Next-door neighbors.

Claim to Fame: Constant source of irritation.

7) Steve Urkel

The Show: Family Matters

Proximity to the Winslows: Next-door neighbor.

Claim to Fame: The more he showed up (a lot), the more he became a standard fixture. Unfortunately.

6) Quagmire and Joe

The Show: Family Guy

Proximity to the Griffins: Glen Quagmire lives next-door and Joe Swanson down the street, all of whom live on Spooner Street.

Claim to Fame: Best friends, drinking buddies, and frequent mischief cohorts.

5) Larry Dallas, Mr. Furley & The Ropers

The Show: Three's Company

Proximity to Jack, Janet, and Chrissy: All neighbors at one time.

Claim to Fame: Landlords and frequent accusers of Jack's possible homosexuality. Obvious idiots.

4) Penny

The Show: The Big Bang Theory

Proximity to Sheldon and Leonard: Across-the-hall neighbors.

Claim to Fame: Indescribably hot, exasperatingly unintelligent, yet a sometimes-love interest to Leonard. Also hot.

3) The Rubbles

The Show: The Flintstones

Proximity to the Flintstones: Next-door neighbors.

Claim to Fame: Barney, Fred, Betty and Wilma are all best friends. And weirdly attracted to each other... probably.

2) Kramer and Newman

The Show: Seinfeld

Proximity to Jerry: Kramer: across the hall, Newman: in the same building.

Claim to Fame: Kramer: one of Jerry's best friends. Newman... NEWman!

1) The Flanders

The Show: The Simpsons

Proximity to the Simpsons: Next-door neighbors.

Claim to Fame: Though once or twice Homer was oddly polite and caring to Ned, typically he just tells him to shut up or tries to kill him.