25 Pictures of Horrendous Hats

Stupid Hats 560x268Human beings are guilty of a fashion faux pas now and again. Even the most stylish of us have been known to leave the house with a shirt that’s a shade too bright or a pair of pants that don’t fit quite right.

family hats1 e1452876276501 560x359

Perhaps the most difficult wardrobe accessory to master is the hat. Some people can make it work, while others can’t. It doesn’t help that hat designers frequently choose to craft what can best be described as fabric abominations. Fortunately, there are plenty of folks walking the planet who either aren’t aware, or don’t care how utterly stupid they look wearing these atrocious mishaps. In honor of National Hat Day, from rednecks to royalty, here are 25 photos of people (and animals) donning ugly hats.

25) The Ice Cream Cone

ice cream hat1

If you’re brave enough to sport this, you must pretend to lick it.

24) The Strawberry

strawberry hat1 300x191

Appetizing. Colorful. Awful.

23) The Sack

sack hat1 268x299

Wear this in public, prepare to be beaten.

22) Horseheads

horse hats1 300x195

Perfect for a day at the races.

21) The Tin Foil Tiara

tin foil hat1 300x225

The look on the cat’s face says it all.

20) The Propeller

propeller hat1

You can be a jackass in four different colors.

19) The Camilla

camilla hat1 200x300

No wonder Brits are so pale. This atrocity blocks the sun.

18) The Martini Glass

martini glass hat1 217x300

She might be smiling, but that can’t be comfortable.

17) The Suburban Pimp

pimp hats1 226x300

Like father, like son.

16) The ?????

pig hat1 300x235

Uh… pink chicken covered with lili pads?

15) Fruit Helmet

lime hat1 300x256

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

14) Helium Headware

balloon hat1 249x300

Anyone have a needle?

13) Coyote Ugly

coyote ugly hat1 300x263

Ideal for hunters and homicidal maniacs.

12) Ten Gallon Douchebag

bad sombrero 300x222

Some people look good in a cowboy hat. This dork isn’t one of them.

11) Abstract

abstract hat 222x300

High fashion is wack.

10) Flower Madness

flower hat 193x300

Pollinate this!

9) Red Horror

red snake hat 175x300

It looks like she’s being consumed by a giant serpent.

8) Cheesehead

cheesehead hat 195x300

Worst. Idea. Ever.

7) Pink Nightmare

pink disaster hat 300x225

Don’t double date with these gals.

6) The Head Puppet

sock puppet hat 300x225

Doesn’t seem like appropriate attire for the cemetery.

5) The Astronomy Lesson

astronomy hats 300x232

Boldly go where no hats have gone before.

4) The Giant Bow

giant bow hat 241x300

Oh, Aretha. What were you thinking?

3) Crown of Yuck

black hat 270x300

Again, high fashion is wack.

2) Pillow Head

pillow hat 300x225

For napping on the go.

1) No Smoking

ash tray hat 300x212

Ridiculous, but extra points for ingenuity.