25 Scariest College Football Uniforms

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College football hasn’t been scary since the days of leather helmets and no face-masks, but the uniforms have done their best to stake their claim by combining colors that should only be used on laundry commercials.

Oregon has already cornered the market in ugly uniforms. They find a way, year after year, to make yellow, green, and black color combinations that would make people on ecstasy say no. But it isn’t just Oregon, Maryland once made our brains hurt by using their own state flag on the helmets. Scary (aka Ugly) college football uniforms are about as Halloween as the everlasting gobstopper in Wonka-Land.

Here are the best of the scariest we have ever seen. Enjoy.

25. Rhode Island

25 rhode island 560x478

24. Toledo

24 toledo 560x426

23. North Carolina

23 unc 560x359

22. Virginia Tech

22 virginia tec 560x560

21. Boise State

21 boise st 560x406

20. Indiana

20 indiana 560x373

19. Louisiana Tech

19 la tech 560x730

18. SMU

18 SMU 560x372

17. Connecticut

17 uconn 560x297

16. Syracuse

16 syracuse 560x784

15. UAB

15 uab 560x448

14. Miami (Ohio)

14 miami ohio 560x808

13. Iowa State

13 iowa st 560x387

12. Arizona

12 az 560x547

11. Tulsa

11 tulsa 560x677

10. Southern Miss

10 southern miss 560x646

9. Boston College

9 Boston College 560x367

8. Wisconsin

8 wisconsin 560x437

7. Wyoming

7 wyoming 560x746

6. Delaware

6 delaware 560x746

5. Oregon

5 Oregon 560x373

4. Notre Dame

4 nd 560x420

3. Air Force

3 air force 560x420

2. Florida A&M

2 florida am 560x316

1. Maryland

Maryland Under Armour uniforms1 560x315