The 30 Best Harlem Shake Videos

harlem shake porn 560x315By the end of 2012, I was finished with “Call Me Maybe” music video parodies and “Gangnam Style.” I didn’t think I would ever appreciate the comedic genius behind such a simple joke. Until now.

The “Harlem Shake” craze has simply devoured the globe with its upbeat tone and catchy riff. It doesn’t have to be complicated to enjoy. This song is over three minutes long but you only need about 30 seconds to perfect the new dance that has exploded on the scene in 2013.

It might be too early, but I think we at Gunaxin should dedicate a few minutes to finding the best musical parodies of the “Harlem Shake” thus far. I hope you enjoy. I know I did. (Apologies if any videos are missing, this is a moving target)

30. Just Wear a Halo Mask

There is never a need for multiple pancakes on one fork but when you are doing the “Harlem Shake,” anything is possible.

29. Naked Harlem Shake : Porn Edition

This is the overproduced and censored porn edition, but how could we not include it?

28. Just Hanging Around the Office

The people over at Break¬†made sure they wouldn’t be left out of this “Harlem Shake” craze by adding Superman. See if you can find him, or her.

27. Those Old Ladies Can Move

I never thought I would say this but these grandmothers can move. Maybe even better than almost all the other people you will see in videos today.

26. All is Alive at The Chive

And who said white guys can’t dance? No seriously, who said it? Because you might be on to something.

¬†25. It’s a Party Up in Here

Anyone notice the one random guy standing in the back of the room? What a lucky SOB.

24. Meanwhile, at the Fire Station…

There is tons of time to kill between fires, and it’s too early to pose for the 2014 Firefighter Calendar.

23. Everything is Bigger in Texas

That is an awful lot of orange in one “Harlem Shake” video. But I guess I have to get in on this action. Go Longhorns!

22. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The only way this could have been better is if Jimmy Fallon allowed his people to wear anything they wanted rather than those lame LNJF sweatshirts.

21. Wait, what?

Yes! The news is finally getting in on the Harlem action. It’s funny to have people who can’t dance attempt to dance. It’s even funnier when they do it in packs.

20. Is that Sky Blue?

To answer my own question, yes. LMFAO’s very own Sky Blue and a few friends put on a banana costume and added some glow sticks to make this “Harlem Shake” like no other.

19. Do the Harlem Shake, Eh?

The Canadian college Queen’s University is known globally as a very prestigious program, but Queen’s Commerce is the real reason we love that school. Well, not only because it’s awesome but because they make gems like this video.

18. Who Said Nerds Can’t Dance?

I wasn’t expecting an office full of nerds from IGN to make this list. I was wrong. Classic.

17. The Original

It isn’t as crazy as the others but it was the first to do it.

16. Keep Looking, You’ll See It

In case you didn’t notice, the smoking hot blonde on the sofa riding the pony is almost as sexy as the beautiful redhead to her left. Ah, the internet is awesome.

15. T-Pain Loves to Shake, Harlem Style

Yep, that is T-Pain doing the “Harlem Shake” the only way he knows how — better than everyone else.

14. More Sexy? Here is Something Else

I think I found two lightsabers, an Eagle costume, a chicken suit, a Buzz Lightyear child’s costume, a bunny, a cow, and a football onesie. Odd combination level: Awesome.

13. OK, Here is the Sexy One You Wanted

Every time a beautiful woman in a bikini posts a video it goes viral instantaneously. So just imagine what happens when eight women do the same thing. Madness.

12. Thank You Portland

Portland isn’t known for having great sports teams, or being a vacation destination. However, they might have a niche for making viral videos. This one is just plain rad.

11. Hot Chicks Don’t Need Props

The only time it is acceptable to make your own “Harlem Shake” video and not include ridiculous props is when you replace said props with babes in their underwear.

10. Making Use of An Empty Pool

No big deal, just lounging around by the pool with some friends when all of a sudden… cue the “Harlem Shake.”

9. They Don’t Just Make Call of Duty

The nice people over at Infinity Ward just answered the question, what do those Call of Duty people do when they aren’t making Call of Duty?

8. Playboy Did One Too

No need to explain. Playboy decided to get in on the action and have some of their bunnies “Harlem Shake” it for the camera.

7. Anderson Cooper

If the Coop wants to get in on this action.

6. Absolute Mayhem

When I say mayhem, I am not referring to the guy on those Allstate commercials. I am talking about the :15 second mark on this clip.

5. The Army Did it

If you are in the military and can find a way to top this one, please feel free to go right ahead and do so.

4. Now That is a Crowd

Leave it to my LSU Tigers to come up with a better way to Shake it. I seriously counted 45,394,322 people. LSU might have destroyed the record for most people in one “Harlem Shake” video.

3. What Did the Giraffe Do?

How many of you are still laughing at the guy in the front row punching the giraffe? Imagine your boss asked you to make this video and then proceeded to tell you to stand still, stare at the camera, and punch a fake giraffe repeatedly in the face?

2. It is OK to Laugh Out Loud?

When I am done laughing, I will try to write something down. Until that time, just go watch this video again and try not to pee on yourself.

1. Don’t Try This at Home

The UGA swim team just took the “Harlem Shake” to another level when they did it underwater. It’s almost impossible to reach this level of awesomeness. You could try but I doubt you could achieve it.