30 Second Bunnies Theatre

In honor of Easter today, I thought I would introduce you to 30 Second Bunnies Theatre. If you already have heard of it, you can still enjoy some of the latest. Essentially these are classic movies acted out by bunnies, in 30 seconds.

This is how the creator describes it,

One day as I sat in front of my computer checking email (what else is new), these bunnies approached my desk and pitched the idea of doing the re-enactments. Feeling mildly threatened, I agreed, and the collaboration began! That’s the story they like to tell. What really happened is I sat there sketching all the possible creatures who could re-enact classic movies in 30 seconds, and out of all the candidates (kitties, beavers, mice, elves), the bunnies struck me as being just the critters to do such a thing.

Pulp Fiction:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Bond Medley:



Die Hard:

Rocky Horror Picture Show:

There are tons more over on Angry Alien, the home of 30 Second Bunnies Theatre. Now wasn’t that more productive then going to church?