34 Classic Soft Drink Commercials

sodas 560x237If there’s one beverage I like almost as much as beer (almost), it’s probably pop. Or soda, if you prefer. Regardless of what you call it, it’s all pretty good. Unfortunately, as my age and waist ebbs and flows (well, the waist, anyway), I’ve had to switch to diet and I’ve been drinking it for so long now, regular soda tastes like candy. What’s the point of this diatribe? There isn’t one. No surprise there. However, there is a point to watching these awesome soft drink ads. Why? Because you want to. Also, check out our extensive Tribute to Fallen Sodas, some of which are featured in commercials below.

Mellow Yellow (1980)

Mellow Yellow (1985 – Australia)

RC Cola (1968)

RC Cola (1973)

Mountain Dew (1966)

Mountain Dew (1983)

Orange Crush (1976)

Orange Crush (1979)

Sunkist (1978)

Diet Sunkist (1982)

7UP (1982)

Diet 7UP (1985)

Canada Dry (1963)

Canada Dry (1986)

Squirt (1983)

Squirt (1997)

Apple Slice (1986)

Slice and Orange Slice (1981)

Surge (1997)

Surge (1998)

Crystal Pepsi (1993)

Dr. Pepper (1960)

Dr. Pepper (1979)

Diet Pepsi (1964)

Diet Pepsi (1980)

Pepsi (1962)

Pepsi (1984)

Diet Coke (1985)

Diet Coke (1989)

Coke (1955)

Coke (1971)

New Coke (1985)

Kool-Aid (1957)

Kool-Aid (1966)