The 35th Annual Vicksburg Michigan Old Car Festival

Vicksburg Car Festival 560x280Vicksburg, Michigan may not be the first city on your short list when you think of Michigan, but what it lacks on notoriety it more than makes up for in quaintness and one very special event it’s been hosting for 35 years now. You guessed it, it’s the Vicksburg Old Car Festival -and yes, that’s its official name. Normally I don’t take to automobiles of any kind; they’re just not my bag. But this show does it right: cars and trucks lining the main drag in Vicksburg and even two side streets this year, both sides, parked and displayed for all to enjoy.

Vicksburg Midway 560x280The obvious fair-like atmosphere offers the standard “midway” of food venders and live music, and even some ladies walking to and fro selling candy and snacks just like back in the 50’s. Here’s a snippet from MLive, Michigan’s on line news source:

The crowd size was about the same — an estimated 10,000 people — but the vintage vehicle count that can be upward of 1,000 seemed down. Organizer Skip Knowles said Friday night’s rain and the mist and fog in the morning may have kept the numbers down a bit.

But it did not dim the enthusiasm of those who brought their cars and trucks and those who came to view them. “We’ve got a great crowd today,” Knowles said. Everyone who showcases a vehicle has a story to tell and appreciation for the annual car show that is put on by the Vicksburg Community Association.

Vicksburg Old Car Festival 560x280So if you, too, are an Old Car enthusiast, it’s well worth your time (and you’ll quickly notice worth the time of folks from all over the country who attend) to maybe make it to the 36th next year, June 12, 13, and 14th.