4.1 BoomChair Takes Gaming to New Level

So you have the HDTV and your favorite gaming console and you are ready to start playing video games. Still, you feel something is missing. You want to feel the total gaming experience with a comfortable seat, and you want to be immersed in your game. Then, my friends, you need to pick up the 4.1 BoomChair by LumiSource. The 4.1 BoomChair gives you a unique gaming experience in a relaxing seat that comes with its own surround sound system.


The 4.1 BoomChair comes with two pairs of 3” 2 way speakers, with one set in the headrest and the other pair of speakers on the bottom of the chair. It has adjustable volume, bass and fader controls as well as a 4” subwoofer.  While I was sitting on the chair you can feel how powerful the subwoofer is and now I know why they call it a BoomChair.

5X boom 4 1 lg 240x300

The seat itself has a strong canvas surface with breathable padded mesh comfort zones which is a great thing for me especially when I am playing Madden with my friends. Sometimes those games get intense that yes, I start sweating when I am down 6 points in the 4th quarter. The headrest is adjustable and the BoomChair comes with additional lumbar support, padding, and an adjustable recline stoppers. When you are done with beating your friends in Halo or Madden the 4.1 BoomChair folds up in a snap so you can store the chair away easily. The 4.1 BoomChair can be used on a DVD or CD player or any portable MP3 device too. This is perfect for your gaming room, college dorm, or for anyone who wants to integrate furniture and your entertainment system.

You can find more information about the 4.1 BoomChair as well as purchase one by checking out their website, www.boomchair.com. They are also sold at Amazon.com. For those going to the New York Comic Con from October 8th through the 10th well you have a chance to win one with Jay, Mike, and myself. The Masters of None show will be doing live shows at the Comic Con and we will have a geek scavenger hunt where each day we will give away one chair to a lucky winner. For more information about the Comic Con make sure you check out www.mastersofnone.com.