49 Facts About Jamie Moyer

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Jamie Moyer, the ageless left-handed pitcher, is attempting a comeback from Tommy John surgery this season after missing all of last year. He has signed a minor league contract with the Colorado Rockies, and will attempt to make the team coming out of spring training. At the age of 49, Moyer is already among the oldest players in baseball history, and shows no signs of being ready to walk away from the game he has been playing professionally for 26 seasons. Looking back, we are struck by some of the amazing details of his extended career, and put together a list of 49 of the most interesting, curious or just plain odd facts about Jamie Moyer

  1. Jamie Moyer has played in the majors in four different decades (1980s,1990s, 2000s, 2010s.)
  2. Jamie Moyer was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 1984 in the 6th round.moyer 1987 214x300
  3. In the 2nd round of that Draft the Cubs took Greg Maddux.
  4. The Cubs’ 1984 draft class earned a total of 644 wins in their careers.
  5. Moyer and Maddux produced 622 of those wins.
  6. Moyer has 48 more hits than any position player in the Cubs 1984 draft class.
  7. Moyer has 49 career hits.
  8. Four expansion franchises (Colorado, Florida, Arizona and Tampa Bay)have been awarded since Moyer came into the league.
  9. Only three teams, the Cubs, Dodgers and Red Sox play in the same stadium they played at when Moyer made his debut.
  10. The Washington Nationals are on their third home park (and second city).
  11. The opposing pitcher in Moyer’s first start, the Phillies’ Steve Carlton, was inducted into the Hall of Fame 18 years ago.
  12. From the same game, the opposing LF’s (Gary Matthews, Sr.) son had a 12 year Major League career.  He retired in 2010.
  13. Moyer gave up his first career hit to Ron Roenicke, uncle of Rockies pitcher Josh Roenicke.Moyer Rangers
  14. 2012 Hall of Fame inductee Barry Larkin made his debut two months after Moyer.
  15. 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Roberto Alomar made his debut two years after Moyer.
  16. Current Rockies teammate Eric Young’s father had a 15 year major league career.
  17. Eric Young, Sr. debuted 6 years after Moyer and retired five years ago.
  18. 27 of the players on the Rockies 40 man roster were born after Moyer was drafted.
  19. The 20 pitchers on the Rockies current active roster have 235 career wins combined
  20. Jamie Moyer has 267 career wins.
  21. Moyer made his only All-Star game in 2003, his 20th professional season.
  22. Six 2011 All-Star pitchers were born after Moyer made his ML debut.
  23. All-Star and NL Cy Young winner, Clayton Kershaw, was born two years after Moyer’s first game.
  24. Over his 25 year career Moyer has made $82.8 million.
  25. That is about what Giants pitcher Barry Zito has made in the last five yearMoyer Orioles 214x300s.
  26. Barry Zito is not very good at baseball.
  27. In his first four years in the major leagues combined, Moyer made less than the current minimum salary.
  28. Jamie Moyer has given up 511 career home runs.
  29. 324 different players have hit home runs off Moyer.
  30. Manny Ramirez is the leader with 10.
  31. Moyer has given up home runs in 42 different stadiums.
  32. Safeco Field is the leader with 89.
  33. Only one of those homers was a walk-off.
  34. Only one of those homers was an inside the part home run.
  35. Tim Salmon struck out against Moyer more than any other player, 17 times in 99 at bats.
  36. Dan Uggla has struck out one out of every three times he faced Moyer, 16 times in 48 at bats.
  37. Salmon and Bernie Williams have the most walks against Moyer, with 12.
  38. In 2011, 407 major leaguers were born after Moyer signed his first professional contract.
  39. The Rockies are Moyer’s 8th big league team.
  40. Moyer has also played for 10 minor league teams.
  41. Moyer has played home games professionally in 13 states.
  42. If Moyer makes the Rockies he will be the 4th oldest pitcher in major league history.
  43. Moyer played with three of the other top eight oldest pitchers.  Jesse OroscMoyer Mariners 200x300o in Baltimore in 1995 and both Nolan Ryan and Charlie Hough in Texas in 1990.
  44. Also on that 1990 Rangers team was Julio Franco, who played until he was 49.
  45. Someone must have been spiking the water in Texas in 1990.
  46. Moyer is the second oldest pitcher to start a playoff game, and the oldest since 1929.
  47. Moyer has hit 144 batters in his career.That is only two more than Jamey Wright, who made his debut a decade after Moyer.
  48. Dillon Moyer, Jamie’s oldest son, was drafted in 2010 but opted to go to college. His next oldest Hutton is expected to be drafted this year.
  49. In his career, Moyer has played with 606 different players. 121 of them are still active, eight are in the Hall of Fame.

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