50 Awesome Custom Lego Minifigures

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When it comes to Lego, your imagination is the limit. But Lego is limited by trademark to the figures it makes, so we’ll leave it to the pros to create minifigures of some of the most popular folks in pop culture. Many of these figures are available to purchase on Maybang’s Collectibles store on Amazon.com (search for the figure, and also ‘custom lego’), and also Little-Legends.com. However, they’re very expensive and there often aren’t many of each available. Let’s take a look at 50 great ones.

South Park

513PmowI01L e1286773022187Ghostbusters

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Austin Powers

lego austin powers

Pulp Fiction

lego pulp fiction

Scooby Doo

51YrwpzmaVL e1286773161195Super Mario – as a racoon

mario racoonSuper Mario Bumblee

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Koopa Troopa

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Clark Kent

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Wonder Woman

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Incredible Hulk

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The Thing

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41USCsPBatL. SL500 AA300 Spartan

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Captain Kirk

lego captain kirk star trek


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51w PRP5zSL. SL500 AA300 Ironman

lego iron minifig


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41LPuQY6O9L. AA300 e1286774915336Two-Bad

51QwJqrUeSL. SL500 AA300 e1286775040112Orko

51Q2zPzk5bL. SL500 AA300 e1286775345364Conan the Barbarian

41JmGmA7ZLL. SL500 AA300 e1286775416254

Jack Skellington

51i0YpdEPyL. SL500 AA300 e1286775508199Thundercats

415FcRaAvqL. SL500 AA300 e1286776097654Spawn

41N6Q3YP80L. SL500 AA300

G.I. Joe Cobra Baroness

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Abraham Lincoln

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Michael Jackson

lego michael jackson

Jimi Hendrix

lego jimi hendrix

Ozzy Osbourne

lego ozzy osbourneKiss

kiss lego minifigs

Freddie Mercury

lego freddie mercury

Freddy Krueger

lego freddy krueger

Jason Voorhees

Jason+on+Flickr+ +Photo+Sharing 1221424015092

The Matrix

lego neo the matrix

Bruce Lee

lego bruce leeTerminator

lego terminator


lego rambo


lego frodo bagginsGandalf

lego gandalfJames Bond

lego james bond

Check out Maybang’s Collectibles on Amazon.com (search for the figure, and also ‘custom lego’), and also Little-Legends.com to find and purchase these.