Six Ways People are Ruining Hamburgers


In honor of National Hamburger Day, we’ve put together a list of horrible, horrible things people have done to “honor” or “improve” the humble hamburger. These people should be considered extremely anti-burger. Don’t invite them to your next cook out.

1) Hamburger Helper

hamburgerhelper 300x300Dear God! Hamburger doesn’t need help, it needs to be formed into a quarter pound patty (or larger, of course). That’s all the more you really NEED to do for it. Grill it, slap some cheese, onions and a tomato on it, and place it inside of bread.

Hamburger Helper is to hamburger what Tofurkey is to Turkey. If we ever manage to rid the world of this scourge, we still have some ideas for their mascot.


“it puts the lotion in its palm…”

2) The Hamburger Themed Bounce House

hamburgerplaysetIs there any more annoying and disrespectful way to show your love of Hamburgers? Letting dirty children climb inside of this culinary marvel and get sweaty, snotty and winded?

And who is this for? The fat kid who loves hamburgers isn’t going to have the energy or desire to climb in and exercise for any amount of time. He’s going to be too busy screaming at his Dad to “hurry up with those burgers already!”

3) The Hamburger Purse

hamburgerpurse 300x238

Let’s assume there’s one woman out there that doesn’t worry about her weight at all. (Rosie O’Donnel doesn’t count). Why in the name of all that is meaty and succulent would a woman want to carry around a bag advertising her love of fast food?

4) The Hamburger Dress

crochetedhamburgerminidress 300x250The dress is nicely knitted. We can only imagine the amount of work that went into crafting this masterpiece. But you will run into the same problem with this item as you would the burger-purse. The only people willing to dress like food are too fat to fit into this size 2 dress.

Well, unless you’re a knockout who’s playing to your Sugar Daddy’s fetishes. You know what? We’re on board with this one after all. That Hamburger Helper Glove is going to come in handy sooner than we thought.

5) The Hamburger Hat

hamburgerhat 300x225

What ensemble would be complete without a matching hat? This hat is the kind of thing they used to make the mentally deficient wear in the 50’s when our society wasn’t too worried about your feelings. This is how they knew which people to sterilize.

6) This Goddamn Guy

ronald mcdonald 242x300Of all the horrible things you can do to a hamburger, this guy is the culinary world’s version of Vlad the Impaler. Burgers are easy to make, nearly impossible to ruin, and yet this goddamned clown found a way to ruin them for everyone.

Happy National Hamburger Day everyone!