60 Magnificent Places at Night

parthenon 560x372

Our world is a big place and we have only one life to see it all. The vast majority of people live ordinary lives and have ordinary jobs and bills to pay. Most average people won’t be able to visit more than handful of places during their lifetimes, which is why we’ve put together this gallery. We want you to be able to “Travel Without Moving” (and without spending any money!), and that’s what this gallery is all about: Sixty amazing locations offered to you on a silver platter.

Here is a wide selection of some of the world’s most beautiful and populous cities, gorgeous islands, isolated caves far from civilization, historic monuments shining in the moonlight, ravishing natural landscapes – it’s all here. Some of these beautiful places are classic and timeless, looking now as they did in antiquity; others – with their skyscrapers and dazzling lights – look like places out of a futuristic sci-fi movie like Blade Runner; and some look like the main theme of a National Geographic special. But whether they are the gifts of human architecture or offerings from Mother Nature, they are all part of our beautiful planet. They are all “ours,” and  even if we can’t visit them all in person, we can always enjoy and admire them from afar.