6Q: Captain Morgan

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Captain Morgan

While attending Blogs with Balls in Las Vegas, we had the occasion to hang out with Captain Morgan thanks to the folks at Diageo. Dude was super cool, never broke character, even played in the poker tournament, and was nice enough to participate in our Six Questions. We recently purchased a crappy flip cam here at Gunaxin, so this is one our first attempts at making a Video 6Q. Thanks to the boys at Global Sports Fraternity for editing:

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
BrettFavre 75x75 Brett Favre

Who is your favorite Hottie?
megan fox 75x75 Megan Fox

Who is your favorite Comedian?
chyna capt 75x75 “Myself”

What is your favorite Movie?
the hangover 75x75 The Hangover

What is your favorite Gadget?
AAAAC9UB7i4AAAAAAFNotA 75x75 Anything you can use to open Captain Morgan

What is your favorite Beer?
CaptainMorgan 75x75 Captain Morgan and Coke

captain morgan

They want a little Captain in them.