6Q: Carie Small – Tampa Breeze

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Carie Small – OL for the Tampa Breeze

Carie Small is an Offensive Lineman for the Tampa Breeze of the Lingerie Football League. Unlike some of the previous LFL girls we’ve profiled, Carie isn’t a model, she’s a electrocardiographic technician. It gets better, as you can tell from her photo gallery, she loves Sports. Not only that, she is a self-proclaimed nerd, and is a big fan of Gunaxin, enjoying much of our Sci-Fi content. Athletic, Hot, and Smart? Inconceivable!

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
jason taylor 75x75 Jason Taylor … he’s an incredible defensive lineman and just as incredible off the field for what he and his wife do for the children of South Florida with the Jason taylor Foundation.

Who is your favorite Hottie?
08 marisa miller 01 75x75 I think Marisa Miller is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve also recently acquired a crush on the blonde from those annoying holiday GAP commercials. Wait, was this question about women? Maybe my answer should just be Jason Taylor again ;)

Who is your favorite Comedian?
LouisCk 75x75 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Louis CK. He’s hilarious. I just really feel like I’d love to hang out in his garage and drink beer with him. Wow. What a Saturday afternoon that would be! Call me Louis!!

What is your favorite Movie?
Star Wars 75x75 I can’t choose just one…. Star Wars episodes IV, V, VI …Goodfellas, The Princess Bride, any old Clint Eastwood western, I have a soft spot for Tom Hanks, so any of his movies and of course, The Notebook (what? I’m a chick!!)

What is your favorite Gadget?
ipods special event 20070905 75x75 My ipod.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

What is your favorite Beer?
guinness2 75x75 Guinness. The end.