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Chris – This is Illuminati

Today we interview Chris of This is Illuminati and 9 to Fried. Chris also contributes to Hugging Harold Reynolds, Ask Men, The Bachelor Guy, Gravy and Biscuits, and Inventors Spot. So yeah, he stays busy.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
tigerwoods 75x75 Tiger Woods. The guy is the ultimate competitor and a mind-f’ to opponents. He is never really far enough behind for anyone on the leader board, he is the greatest golfer and STILL wants to kick the crap out of people at every event, and he has a hot wife and more money than Jesus (God has more, but because, well he is God). And he mastered the most frustrating game on planet earth. I bet he craps thunder.

Who is your favorite Hottie?
evangelinelilly2 75x75 Oh must I choose just one? Fine, my wife. Ok, that is out of the way. Alyssa Milano has been in the top three for a good two decades but if I had to pick someone from the new bread I’d say either Hayden (I refuse to Google the correct spelling of her name) and Evangeline Lilly from LOST.

Who is your favorite Comedian?
zachg 75x75 I might have answered this differently a few months ago (and will a few months from now) but I’ve really been on a Zack Galifianakis kick for the past few weeks. The guy is hysterical, which is helpful in a comedian.

What is your favorite Movie?
natlampvacation 75x75 Tough call but if we are talking in terms of ‘Most watched over a lifetime’ I’d say National Lampoon’s Vacation. There was one summer I watched it every day, sometimes twice a day. Pretty obvious why I wasn’t better at sports or had no friends in the neighborhood.

What is your favorite Gadget?
inspector gadget 75x75 Inspector Gadget. I mean the guy had EVERYTHING. He had a helicopter in his fedora. He can go anywhere at any time. Hey what’s going on in San Diego? GONE. Go, go gadget penis! Tell me a negative.

What is your favorite Beer?
smirnoff 75x75 Sit down for this. I don’t like beer. I like beer after six beers when I can’t taste it or see my reflection in a mirror. Give me a mixed drink. My favorite mix drink is Vodka mixed with a straw to take the edge off.