6Q: Erica Hosseini

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Erica Hosseini – Pro Surfer

We recently had the chance to speak with Pro-Surfer, Long Beach native, model, TV host and actress, Erica Hosseini. As you can see she is always on the move, so to keep up with her, check out her main website as well as Where’s Erica, which is her daily blog. You can even follow her on Twitter. We spoke about the first time she got on a surfboard, growing up with older brothers, and her gig as a stunt double on a TV show.

She is working with Jose Cuervo to promote the new Authentic Light Margarita Mix. The mix has less than 100 calories per serving. This is great for Erica, because she told us she is mostly on the beach so she wants to maintain her surfing figure. You can check out the full interview on the latest episode of The Gunaxin Show, and her answers to the Gunaxin 6Q are below!

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
71 75x75 Rafael Nadal

Who is your favorite Hottie?
8 75x75 Julian Wilson

Who is your favorite Comedian?
32 75x75 Dane Cook

What is your favorite Movie?
4 75x75 Anchorman

What is your favorite Gadget?
52 75x75 iPhone

What is your favorite Beer?
62 75x75 Red Stripe