6Q: The Harp Twins

%nameSix Questions with The Harp Twins

Gunaxin recently published an interview with Camille and Kennerly Kitt, aka The Harp Twins, but came away unable to distinguish one from the other. Determined to prove that these identical twin musicians, martial artists, and actresses had at least one thing different between them, we put them to the ultimate test by asking them Gunaxin’s Six Questions.

Who is your favorite athlete?
%name Tony Jaa (martial artist)

Who is your favorite comedian?
%name Female: Lauren Graham; Male: Jimmy Kimmel

What is your favorite movie?
Famous Ring of The Lord of The Rings 75x75 Lord of the Rings Trilogy

What is your favorite gadget?
%name Our electric harps (they also play acoustic harps and the piano)

What is your favorite drink?
%name Diet Mountain Dew

Who is your favorite hottie?
%name Here we reveal the glaring difference between Camille and Kennerly:

Camille’s favorite hottie: Taylor Lautner

Kennerly’s favorite hottie: Ian Somerhalder

To show just how much they love The Lord of the Rings, here they are performing Misty Mountains (Cold), from the upcoming film The Hobbit. Also, be sure to read our feature on them.

Read more about Camille and Kennerly’s harp duet on www.HarpTwins.com, and more about them in general on www.CamilleandKennerly.com. Also subscribe to their YouTube channel at youtube.com/CamilleandKennerly, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Photos via www.camilleandkennerly.com