6Q: Jennifer Stano – Actress & Model

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Jennifer Stano – Actress & Model

Jennifer Stano is a 23 Year old Model and Actress from New York. She has appeared in numerous television shows and commercials. If you look goofy like Michael Phelps or Jonah Hill and can be sappy romantic like The Notebook, you might have a chance with this babe.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
phelps 75x75 Right now Michael Phelps! YAY go USA!

Who is your favorite Hottie?
megan fox 01 75x75 OMG Megan Fox oh and Kim Kardashian :P I’m such a girl LOL.. Megan seems like such a real girl. She has tattoos regardless of what the industry tells her and doesn’t take shit from anyone.. You rarely see her in the tabloids or with a dark cloud following her and I think in Hollywood that’s really far and few… As for Kim I think shes just super HOT! Regardless if she was made famous because of a sex tape or not- she handles herself well, tries really hard and seems happy and at the end of the day I think that’s all that really matters!!

Who is your favorite Comedian?
jonah 75x75 Right now I’m loving Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. Whether or not they are classified as comedians or not- they make me crack up!!! I want to meet them both– and you can throw in MCLOVIN too heheheh

What is your favorite Movie?
notebook 75x75 I’m such an Old sole at heart- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the notebook!!! I wish I would have that in my life time but these days true love till the end is almost unheard of.. I also am loving WANTED! Angelina is soooo hot in that movie and who wouldn’t want to play a hotĀ AssassinĀ !!

What is your favorite Gadget?
ipod 75x75
hmm- besides the obvious which would be my phone (which was the first edition iPhone and now a blackberry) I’d have to say its 1 of the 3. My iPod and iPod speaker adapter for when I’m at the beach, my eye lash curler- I’m all about the eyes and my Macbook laptop!!! They all come everywhere with me..

What is your favorite Beer?
21695 75x75 LMAO I don’t drink beer. After watching Jessica Simpson years ago down Beers on her TV show Newlyweds I wanted to like it so bad but I just don’t like the taste. When I’m out partying I prefer fruity mixed like Malibu bay breeze! yummy in my tummy ;)

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