6Q: Jerome Bettis

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Jerome Bettis – Former NFL Running Back

What better way to kick-off the NFL 2010 season then by talking to one of the best running backs in NFL history, Jerome Bettis? He is working with Guinness to challenge anyone to a head to head Guinness perfect pint pour off in Dallas the week of the big game. For more details just go to Guinness.com, you have until October 31st to sign up. Along with the Gunaxin 6Q we had a round table discussion with the Bus to talk football. We spoke about many things, from the Steelers’ QB situation, to his early years in the league when he was with the St. Louis Rams. You can see a great recap of the discussion from Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies. It was great to see him still passionate about the game. One story he shared with us was that Pittsburgh fans get fired up when he gives his honest opinion about the Steelers’ performance on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. He said he got yelled at from a cab driver outside of Heinz Field for talking smack about the Steelers that week. He is an all around terrific guy and if you think you can go head to head with him and pour a better pint of Guinness, well step on up and take the challenge.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
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Who is your favorite Hottie?
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Who is your favorite Comedian?
eddie 75x75 Eddie Murphy

What is your favorite Movie?
lotrlogo 75x75 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

What is your favorite Gadget?
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What is your favorite Beer?
guinness 75x75 Guinness