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Joe Montana – Hall of Fame Quarterback

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In sports there are certain athletes that rise to the occasion and we call them superstars. One of these superstars was Joe Montana. Nicknamed “Joe Cool” because you would hardly see him panic on the field. Joe Montana played for the 49ers and Chiefs. In his NFL career he won four Super Bowls with the 9ers (XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV), named Super Bowl MVP three out of the four times, 8 time Pro-Bowl selections and the awards go on and on. One of the best to play the game was able to sit down recently with us for the latest episode of The Gunaxin Sports Show. In our discussion we talked about his career in the NFL, Jerry Rice, “The John Candy Moment” at Super Bowl XXIII and the real story behind that moment, and his partnership with Joint Juice.

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Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
mj 75x75 Michael Jordan

Who is your favorite Hottie?
fox 75x75 Megan Fox

Who is your favorite Comedian?
cobsy 75x75 Bill Cosby

What is your favorite Movie?
godfather 75x75 The Godfather

What is your favorite Gadget?
mpro 75x75 MPro 110

What is your favorite Beer?
modelo 75x75 Modelo Especial

Coincidently, we also ran into Joe when we were sitting in with ESPN Radio at the Super Bowl. He was there to passionately promote Hass Acovados, as we discussed on an episode of The Gunaxin Show. We took that opportunity to ask him the Gunaxin 6Q on video, which we originally planned to hold until next Football Season. So that’s twice we’ve asked him the 6Q within 6 months. See how his answers differed below :