6Q: Miss D.C. Jennifer Corey

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Six Questions with:

Jennifer Corey – 2009 Miss District of Columbia


Miss D.C. Jennifer Corey will be competing for the Miss America title Jan. 30 in Las Vegas. Gunaxin had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Corey after she sang the national anthem at a Washington Capitals game in October (Capitals Outsider reports that her hosts placed her in the relatively cheap seats). Ms. Corey sings opera.

Along with the glamorous photo of her on Pennsylvania Ave. to the right, Gunaxin has plenty more photos of Miss D.C. here.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
392 messier mark 75x75 Of all time? Mark Messier. He was a great athlete, always portrayed himself with dignity, and if he talked a big game, he always backed it up. I was at his retirement game and I teared up a little. :)Editor’s Note: Jen was disappointed when she found out that Messier was in attendance – because she missed him – at the Capitals-Rangers game in October when she sang the national anthem.

Who is your favorite Hottie?
zac efron 75x75 My family makes fun of me for my little crush on Zac Efron, but my real celebrity crush is on Charlize Theron. I’m straight, but that woman is gorgeous!

Who is your favorite Comedian?
images4 75x75 I love Stephen Colbert. I’m reading his book, “I am America, and so can you!” and I was laughing out loud on the plane reading it the other day. Watching his show also helps me prepare for Miss America because I spend all day catching up on politics and current events and it’s nice to just sit back and joke about it.

What is your favorite Movie?
images5 75x75 My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. I know, such a cliche girl answer, but Top Gun and Princess Bride are right up there.

What is your favorite Gadget?
iphone parallels 75x75 My iPhone. I can’t live without it. My new favorite app: Fake Caller. If I’m in a really awkward situation I can press a button on my phone and it fake calls me. Life saver!

What is your favorite Beer?
images6 75x75 Definitely Murphy’s Stout. Love dark beer.