6Q: Stephanie Wilder – Ultimate Morganette

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Stephanie Wilder – Ultimate Morganette

Stephanie Wilder, of Atlanta, Georgia, was chosen by the fans as the Ultimate Morganette as part of the Captain BracketMaster Challenge on Spike.com.

Six Questions:

Who is your favorite Athlete?
shaun white 75x75 My fav athlete is Shaun White because like our Captain he’s a pioneer in his field & creates truly memorable and legendary moments!!!

Who is your favorite Hottie?
robert pattinson 75x75 My fav hottie at the moment is Robert Pattinson because he’s mysterious and always keeps you wondering what he will do next..

Who is your favorite Comedian?
dave chappelle2 75x75 My fav comedian is Dave Chappelle because he can always make us laugh and have a good time!

What is your favorite Movie?
Pirates 75x75 My fav movie is Pirates of the Caribbean

What is your favorite Gadget?
rim blackberry 75x75 My fav gadget is DEF my blackberry.. I definitely have to keep up with my work, friends and family all at the same time! Love it & can’t live without it!!

What is your favorite Beer?
captain lime bite op 640x704 75x75 Any light beer with a shot of Captain Morgan Lime Bite.. so good :)

Morganettes: Stephanie | Girls | SPIKE.com

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