95% of the Internet Wants to Give You Digital Herpes

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What's terrifying is that all three of them have a profile on a dating site, and it's run by a gay man who wants to sell you Acai

Did you ever think that some of the Internet was just awful? Malware, spam, other crap? Maybe even half the Internet?

Turns out you’re shamefully naive: fully 95% of the Internet wants your credit card number or to crash your computer for shits and giggles. This includes a lot of user-generated content, which is why all Gunaxin writers have to meet the editor in person, have a few drinks, see how the night goes…

We’re drifting off topic. The point is: most of the Internet sucks. Gunaxin doesn’t. Stay here. FOR EVERYTHING.

Also, leave your Social Security number in the comments.

(Editor’s Note : While we try not to suck, sometimes some shit comes in via our advertising networks, and we certainly look to get rid of it immediately. It can be difficult though, and we have very little control. Send me an email if you ever experience issues with our advertising doing crappy things – [email protected] – and I’ll do my best to take care of it.)