A Collection of 60 Cartoons That Have Faded Into Obscurity

Cartoons were an enormous part of my childhood almost to the point of having been practically raised on them. I watched everything I could get my eyes on and was lucky enough to have gotten cable more or less when it was introduced city-wide thereby acquiring even more available cartoons. Now, thinking back, tons and tons of toons came and went quicker than they were even able to run a half dozen episodes, and these are the ones that I scarcely remember. So I was on a mission: a mission to locate these animated classics and relive the glory days. This is the end of that mission: sixty cartoon’s that have faded into obscurity.

Gravedale High

Toxic Crusaders

Fish Police

Tales From The Cryptkeeper

Mighty Man and Yukk


Sam and Max: Freelance Police

Bots Master

Monster Mash

Road Rovers

Barnyard Commandos

Monkey Magic

The Brothers Grunt

Galaxy High

The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor

Project GKR


The Litt’l Bits

Three Friends and Jerry

The Brothers Flub

Defenders of the Earth

Bump in the Night

Alias the Jester

Saber Rider

Skeleton Warriors

Blazing Dragons

Lassie’s Rescue Rangers

Jimbo and the Jetset

The Family Ness

Stoppit and Tidyup

Mission Magic

My Favorite Martians

Isis and the Freedom Force


Space Sentinels

Galaxy Rangers

Super Stretch and Micro Woman

Web Woman


Devil Man

Voltron Air Team and the Voltron Force


Jana of the Jungle

Sinbad and the Magic Belt

Super 6

Bailey’s Comets

The Galloping Ghost

C.B. Bears

Hey, It’s the King

The Bisketts

Klondike Kat

The New Adventures of the Space Explorers


Galtar and the Golden Lance

Battle of the Planets

Milton the Monster

Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch

The Mighty Heroes

Galaxy Trio