A Few Oddball Gifts for Father’s Day

Looking for a gift for that special someone? Or maybe just for Father’s Day? There’s still a few days left to shop, and below are some of the stranger options out there. All the gifts below come right from Archie McPhee, and if you like these, why not check out their complete line of toys, gifts, and novelties. It is the store that has something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites (descriptions included right from the website):

avenging unicorn playset 300x209

Avenging Unicorn Play Set

Everyone wants an imaginary unicorn friend that they can call forth to smite their enemies. The Avenging Unicorn Play Set has everything you need to use the power of the unicorn to rid your life of irritations. Put the posable, 3-3/4″ tall, hard vinyl unicorn on a flat surface and then impale one of three 3-1/8″ tall, soft vinyl figures included (businessman/boss, new age lady and mime). Also includes four interchangeable horns (classic spiral, chrome, glow and pearlescent).

avenging narwhal playset 300x208 

Avenging Narwhal Play Set

The narwhal is an arctic-dwelling whale that has been called “the unicorn of the sea” due to its long pointy tusk. There is debate about the true purpose of this tusk, but finally the truth is revealed! The narwhal uses its tusk to impale the cute animals of the world, specifically baby seals, baby penguins and koalas. This 5-1/2″ long, hard vinyl narwhal comes with four magic tusks (crystal, onyx, ruby and ice) to impale the three 1-1/2″ long, soft vinyl cuties. Don’t let cute overrun the world, fight back with your own Avenging Narwhal!

Bacon Gumballs 300x235

Bacon Gumballs

Yes, we’ve gone overboard with the “bacon” thing, but who can blame us? Bacon is a powerful force and we are but disciples doing our part to spread the gustatory gospel. Each 3-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 3/4″ tin contains twenty-two bacon flavored gumballs.

Devil Duckie 300x269

Devil Duckie®

Nothing is sweeter or more innocent than a rubber duckie, right? Wrong. This little, 4-1/2″ long, rubber Devil Duckie® is one sinful squeaker. You’ll think you’re soaking in the hot magma pools of Hades when he leers at you with his arched eyebrow in your evening bath. He may be a representative of the dark side, but it’s hard to resist his tiny horns and cute chubby red body. Includes the lyrics to the Devil Duckie® theme song!

Dashboard Jesus 238x300

Dashboard Jesus

Put this Dashboard Jesus in your car and he’ll be your co-pilot. Even though he may guide you through the valley of gridlock, he alone cannot get you into the carpool lane. Each 4″ plastic Jesus figure sits atop a metal spring with an adhesive base. If you don’t have a car, stick him up somewhere that you could use a little peace, serenity or forgiveness.

Santa Dreidel 189x300

Santa Dreidel

Celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah with this 2-3/4″ tall wooden Santa Dreidel. Imagine the fun you’ll have playing the dreidel game by the light of the menorah while you wait for Santa to climb down the chimney with his sack full of gifts! Each side features a different Christmas symbol (Santa, Christmas tree, candy cane, reindeer). Sure to confound and confuse both Jews and Gentiles!

Yodelling Pickle 293x300

Yodelling Pickle

Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? So were we. At last, the Electronic Yodelling Pickle that you have always hoped for! Each 6-1/2″ long plastic pickle yodels its little heart out at the push of a button. Batteries included.

Watermelon Flavored Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops 300x262

Watermelon Flavored Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops

Once you get over the initial reluctance to put a human head in your mouth, you’ll find that the subtle contours and watermelon flavor of these Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops are worth the strange looks you’ll get as you suck them. Each sucker is about 2-1/4″ tall with a 4″ plastic stick. Twenty-four individually wrapped lollipops in each illustrated display box.