A Tribute to Beaker

Beaker muppetGunaxin’s favorite Muppets are Animal and the Swedish Chef, both of whom provide nothing but uproarious comedic moments on The Muppet Show. But we can’t forget Beaker, Bunsen Honeydew’s cylinder-shaped lab assistant who is even more incoherent than Animal or the Swedish Chef. In fact, the three have even teamed up to sing a the classic Irish song Danny Boy.

Beaker made his first appearance on The Muppet Show in the Muppet Lab sketch in season 2. Prior to his appearance, Honeydew ran the lab himself, and Beaker’s addition added a much-needed level of humor. After all, Beaker was the fallout of experiments-gone-bad, having been shrunk, cloned, deflated, turned invisible and blown up. It was never not funny. Beaker was voiced by Richard Hunt (1977 – 1991) and Steve Whitmire (1992 – present), although I hardly see how voicing this character is difficult, considering he only makes one sound. You can read more about Beaker on the Muppet Wiki. Here are some memorable Muppet Labs sketches (with plenty more of the tribute to follow).

Muppet Labs: Automatic Waste Basket

Muppet Labs: The Electronic Hammer

Muppet Labs: Germ Enlarger

Muppet Labs: Magnetic Carrots

Muppet Labs: The Banana Sharpener

Muppet Labs: Nuclear Powered Shaver

Muppet Labs: Fireproof Paper

Muppet Labs: Beaker Gets Multiplied

The Swedish Chef: Multiplied Beaker Looks for Honeydew

Ending Credits With Multiplied Beaker

Now, Beaker wasn’t just Honeydew’s gimp. He branched out was was used in more sketches than just Muppet Labs. He was great at singing:

F79GW3FFN84RBZN.MEDIUM 260x300How about a Beaker Halloween costume?

The head is made of 1″ thick green foam sheet from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The felt is attached with spray adhesive. Foam spheres are used for the eyes and nose with felt stretched over them and pinned in place. The felt was stretched by running it under warm water and pulling it. The labcoat was bought online and the tie from Thinkgeek.

Following Jim Henson’s desires in his last will and testament, Beaker even has a Facebook page and a Myspace layout.

It’s time to go shopping for Beaker merchandise on Amazon.

Muppet Labs Playset (With Beaker Figure)
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And if you get that, you need to get the Dr. Bunsen Honeydew figure.

Muppets Mega Muppet (Beaker)
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Muppets Exclusive Action Figure Vanishing Cream Beaker
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Disney Muppets Beaker 9″ Plush Doll
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There is also Beaker lip balm but it is hard to find.

Can someone please explain to me the connection between Beaker and NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield? This bobblehead of Mayfield has Beaker in the title on several different sites.

And we end with Beaker’s greatest career highlight: Beaker singing Ode to Joy, and winning a Webby Award.

Beaker’s Acceptance Speech

Beaker Interviewed on the Red Carpet