A Tribute to Brittany Murphy

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With the tragic news of her death on Sunday afternoon, we sat around the Gunaxin facilities* reminiscing about Brittany Murphy. Some of us didn’t recognize the name off-hand, which is forgivable since her work has been fairly sparse of late and the Gunaxin staff has the short-term memory of a goldfish with a meth problem.

Those who did recognize her name felt the impact of her death immediately. 2009 has been a rough year for celebrities, and by God we’re just about sick of turning on the news or sitting down to the computer to see another one has passed on. So in honor of Brittany Murphy, who we remember as a hot, classy, witty woman of great talents much too young to shuffle off her mortal coil this early in life, we give you this run-down of our favorite Brittany Murphy moments.


Luanne Platter
Ditzy Queen of King of the Hill

What? Oh, you didn’t realize that Brittany voiced the lovable but aggravatingly dense niece of Hank Hill? Huh. Well, we did, and damn it, we’re sad about this. Luanne was arguably the funniest female character on King of the Hill. While Peggy may have gotten the majority of the lines, she was always a bit of a cruel harpy.

Luanne, on the other hand, spent her days and nights innocently drifting through life almost completely unaware of her surroundings. And while anyone could have conceivably played her, Brittany’s outstanding voice work completely sold the character and made her lovable, believable, and hilarious.


Photo Gallery
Classy, sexy, and irresistible

It’s pretty clear to anyone who looks at her that Brittany Murphy was gorgeous. The thing is, she wasn’t the typical Hollywood bimbo-style babe. She had a certain look that set her apart from her colleagues and marked a clear line in the sand as to what it takes to be a noticeable beauty in a land full of silicon skanks.

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8 Mile
Tough Chick

eminem and brittany murphy

A lot of people remember this role, and it’s one of our favorites too. She plays such a half-trashy, half-adorable girl that we could totally see ourselves beating some dude’s ass if we caught them in the act. The best part, though, was the clear repartee she shared with Eminem. It was one of the things that made 8 Mile believable: yeah, she’s way too hot for some asshat like B Rabbit, but she played it low key, to where you could see it happening without having to wonder why she’s wasting her time with such a ghetto scrub.


Oh, speaking of meth problems

spun brittany1

If you haven’t seen Spun, do yourself a favor and watch it now. It’s on YouTube in seven parts right now, but be warned: that movie will wreck your nerves up something awful.

Brittany Murphy plays the girlfriend to Mickey Rourke’s unsettling meth cook, and love interest to Jason Schwartzman’s tweaked-out yuppy crank head. Surprisingly, given the role she plays, Murphy is easily the most personable of all the characters in the movie. That just goes to show what an awesome talent we lost when she passed on. If you’re playing the crank-addict girlfriend of a meth cook played by Mickey Rourke, and you’re the most likable character in the movie by a wide margin, you must be doing something right.


On Letterman
This was the selling point for us

Okay, so we’ve gone down the greater portion of our reasons why we loved Brittany Murphy. Funny, hot, talented and lovable. But this next bit pushed us right over into fan territory. If you can go on Letterman and manage to be totally cute while making an hilarious crack about Ashton Kutcher’s junk, well, you’ve bought yourself a permanent place in our hearts.

Rest in Peace, Brittany. We’ll always remember you for being so god-damned awesome.