A Tribute to Gunaxin’s Tributes

tributes 560x347

Gunaxin would like to take a moment, toot our own horn, and pay homage to some of the great work we’ve done for your entertainment over the past year and a half by highlighting some of our best tribute articles that we’ve written. We’ve already entertained you with them once, but these may be new to some of you, so enjoy.


images9 75x75A Tribute to the Hamburglar

Robble robble!

banana frosted flakes 262x300 75x75A Tribute to Discontinued Cereals

This epic article pays homage to all the breakfast cereals that have disappeared over the years.

crystal pepsi 300x296 75x75A Tribute to Fallen Sodas

Another epic article pays homage to all the sodas we’ve drank that we no longer can.

budbowl 300x195 75x75A Tribute to the Bud Bowl

Reliving the mayhem of Bud Light vs. Bud Dry.


images10 75x75A Tribute to The Dark Crystal’s Chamberlain

To our favorite whining, sniveling Muppet.

short round 75x75A Tribute to Short Round of Indiana Jones

Dr. Jones! No more parachutes!

luca brasi1 75x75A Tribute to The Godfather’s Luca Brasi

Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your daughter… ’s wedding… on the day of your daughter’s wedding.

jek porkins 20071001033021125 75x75A Tribute to Jek Porkins of Star Wars

Red Six, standing by!

chewbacca2 75x75A Tribute to Chewbacca

To our favorite Wookiee.

nedryerson 75x75A Tribute to Groundhog Day’s Ned Ryerson

Phil? Phil Connors? I thought that was you!

booger revenge nerds2 75x75A Tribute to Booger From Revenge of the Nerds

We’ve got bush!

pvt pyle 75x75A Tribute to Full Metal Jacket’s Private Pyle

I AM in a world of s#@%!

sloth goonies 75x75A Tribute to Sloth From Goonies

Hey you guys!

gollum 75x75A Tribute to Gollum and Smeagol

My precious…

goonies chunk 75x75A Tribute to Chunk From Goonies

Do the truffle shuffle!

peffercorn 75x75

A Tribute to Wendy Peffercorn

From Sandlot to HOT.


thumbs quagmire 75x75A Tribute to Glenn Quagmire


images19 75x75A Tribute to South Park’s Butters

I’ve been a bad boy.

timmy thumb 75x75A Tribute to South Park’s Timmy

Timmy! Timmy!

images11 75x75A Tribute to Lenny and Squiggy of Laverne & Shirley

To the best comedy sidekick duo of all time.

img 2 75x75A Tribute to Barney Gumble of the Simpsons


images3 75x75A Tribute to Waylon Smithers of The Simpsons

He collects Malibu Stacey dolls.

mankind 75x75A Tribute to Mankind

To the most ballsy wrestler ever.


swedish chef feature 75x75A Tribute to the Swedish Chef

Bork! Bork Bork!

Beaker 75x75A Tribute to Beaker

Meeeee Meeeeee Meeeeee!

muppets animal 75x75A Tribute to Animal

Woman! Woman!


VP Walf of Fame 75x75

A Tribute to the Village People

YMCA! Let’s blow em’ at the YMCA-A!

Rest in Peace, Sweet Prince

billymays 75x75A Tribute to Billy Mays

He’s selling halos to angels now…

albano2 75x75A Tribute to Captain Lou Albano

The one and only…

chris henry 75x75A Tribute to Chris Henry

To one of the dumbest athletes of all time.

patrick swayze2 75x75A Tribute to Patrick Swayze

He’s dancing with the angels now.

deadliest catch phil harris sons jake josh large 75x75A Tribute to Captain Phil Harris

He’s catching fish in heaven now.

images12 75x75A Tribute to Ken Ober & MTV’s Remote Control

We loved that game show!

images 12 75x75A Tribute to Golden Girl Bea Arthur

A comedy legend dies.

McMahon 75x75A Tribute to Ed McMahon


michael jackson thriller front www freecovers net1 75x75A Tribute to Michael Jackson

An angel in heaven just accused him of… oh never mind.

farrah fawcett young1 75x75A Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

She’s giving the angels wanking material now.

owen hart 75x75

A Tribute to Owen Hart

Here’s to the one and only.

bob marley 75x75A Tribute to Bob Marley



RubeGoldberg 4 708904 75x75A Tribute to the Rube Goldberg Machine

My former company followed this model for all of their systems.