A Tribute to Jek Porkins of Star Wars

In the most critical sequence of one of the most popular movies of all time, George Lucas cast William Hootkins, a portly, bearded actor, as Jek Porkins (also known as X-Wing pilot Red Six), who dies on a mission to destroy the Death Star (The Battle of Yavin) in Star Wars. DespiteĀ  being on screen for only a handful of seconds, he created a lasting impression as the first pilot to die on that mission. He is also on Gunaxin’s list of 20 Stupid Star Wars Character Names.

Hootkins, who died in 2005 of pancreatic cancer, was also in the 1989 Batman film, as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Hootkins at a Star Wars convention in 2002.

Like other Star Wars characters, Jek’s biography is much longer than his screen time, and you can read all about it on Star Wars Wiki, aka Wookieepedia. Also, Jek’s death ranks as No. 5 on Gunaxin’s The Ten Most Unnecessarily Gruesome Star Wars Deaths article.

Jek Toy

Due to popular demand, he has his own action figure:

Star Wars Power of the Jedi Jek Porkins X-Wing Pilot Action Figure

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Let’s take a closer look:


And now we will compare the action figure to the real face. Not a bad resemblance, I must say.

A video review of this figure:

Jek Clothing

Here is a T-shirt that some two-bit company made. Buy it here.

Picture 18

Jek Game

Here is an 80s-style computer game featuring Jek and Ponda Baba in a haunted house. Download it here.

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Jek’s Dialogue in Star Wars: Episode IV

Red Six, standing by.

I’m right with you Red Three.

I got a problem here.

I can hold it.

No, I’m all right.

Then his ship explodes, and he dies, a martyr for intergalactic freedom from the Empire.

51moMXiOaQL. SL500 AA280 75x75Jek Music

A band called Yes Sensei has a song called Jek Porkins for President (Buy mp3 from Amazon).

Jek Videos

To end this tribute, enjoy these Star Wars parody videos featuring Jek.