A Tribute to Michael Scott

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The Office ends its long run on television tonight with its series finale. Steve Carell is rumored to be returning for the episode, as the previously departed “World’s Best Boss”, Michael Scott. We miss Scott as much as NBC does, and thought it would be a good time to look back at some of his best moments with a tribute :

Great Michael Scott Quotes

michael scott5 300x237“I don’t understand. We have a day honoring Martin Luther King, but he didn’t even work here.”

“I was shocked when he told me he was transferring to Stamford. It’s like with fireman: You don’t leave your brothers behind. Even if you find out that there is a better fire in Connecticut.”

“Yes, I was the first one out. And yes, I’ve heard “women and children first”. But, we do not employ children. We are not a sweatshop, thankfully. And women are equal in the workplace by law. So if I let them out first, I have a lawsuit on my hands.”

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t know where it’s going. I just hope to find it somewhere along the way. Like an improv conversation. An improversation.”

“I hate, hate being left out. Whether it’s not being picked for a team… or being picked for a team and then showing up and realizing the team doesn’t exist. Or that the sport doesn’t exist! I should’ve known. “Poop ball?””

“All right everybody in the conference room! I don’t care if you are gay, or straight, or a lesbian, or overweight! Just get in here, right now!”

vlcsnap 1902572 300x169“Nobody likes beets, Dwight! Why don’t you grow something that everybody does like? You should grow candy”

“When I said that I was king of forwards, you got to understand that I don’t come up with this stuff. I just forward it along. You wouldn’t arrest a guy who was just passing drugs from one guy to another.”

“You may look around and see two groups here; white collar, blue collar. But I don’t see it that way, and you know why not? Because I am collar-blind.”

“I’m an early bird and a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms.”

“I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday.”

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