A Whole New Meaning to “Piss Drunk”

bidet beer

Finally we figured out what the bidet was for.

Quick show of hands: who here has enjoyed a nice cold adult beverage in the bathroom before?  And you absolutely loved it, didn’t you?  If you could somehow throw a TV into the equation, it’d be Xanadu.

Well, as Michael Tunison reported on his blog over at The Sporting News, beer vendors at FedEx Field know this only too well, as they were discovered to have been selling beer to patrons waiting in line to take a piss at the Redskins and Chiefs game over the weekend.


We're thinking they could do some sweet business on the sidelines, too...

So it’s a little surprising that apparently the higher ups in the Redskins organization disapproved of this method of peddling beer.  As Tunison points out, it’s just helping to complete a beer’s circle of life to sell a Bud to a dude taking a leak, isn’t it?


"Meet me in the john in 5 minutes."

But what we can’t understand is why anyone on either side would be complaining about this business practice.  For the consumer, it’s service in one of our favorite places, and it’s helping us fulfill that aforementioned love of getting drunk in such close proximity to a toilet.  And for the Redskins organization, it’s just conscientious vendors helping to get ticket holders so stone drunk that, hopefully, they’ll completely forget about the horrendous product on the gridiron and remain fans for at least one more week.  Seems pretty win-win to us.