The Adrian Beltre Constantly Angry All-Stars


The emotions of athletes during games are a fascinating thing to watch. Many are very focused during play, but some have reactions to events like changes in momentum, bad calls or great plays by their team. The group of athletes I find the funniest during a game are the ones who always look pissed off. They could be definitively winning, yet still look angry as hell for no real reason.

I first noticed this phenomenon while watching Adrian Beltre when he was playing for the Red Sox. That dude never looked happy, and if you touched his head… he was not pleased. In honor of his relentless fury-filled attitude, I have named the team of always enraged athletes after him. I present to you the Adrian Beltre Constantly Angry All-Stars. Feel free to nominate your own players in the comments below.

DeMarcus Cousins

cousins 560x284

The young NBA player with potential has a hard time looking happy about it. Cousins doesn't just get angry at opponents; his own organization pisses him off. After one game, Cousins had issues with teammate Donte Greene not passing him the ball on a game-ending possession. Cousins also got Paul Westphal fired after arguing with him. I'm in no position to attack Cousins and say he should shape up, but maybe he should try being a little more... not mean?

Milton Bradley

bradley 560x370

It doesn't seem like an act for Milton Bradley. He really has anger issues. Bradley can be such a liability to a team due to his outbursts and emotions. His tirades lead to suspensions or injuries, like when he tore his ACL in 2007 after being held back by Bud Black, his manager, while arguing with umpire Mike Winters. His moods have really deteriorated the career of a really promising player.

Watch him break a fucking bat over his knee after striking out. Oh, he mad.

James Harrison

harrison 560x342

Harrison is the only football player on this list, which might seem weird, but a lot of NFL players (like Ray Lewis, for example) are more intense than angry when they play. There's a big difference. This is also why Kevin Garnett isn't on the list.

Anyway, Harrison always looks like someone peed in his locker and he hits players like they were the ones who did it. Harrison probably does this due to Roger Goodell's eagerness to fine him for pretty much anything. Might as well get your money's worth, right?

Rasheed Wallace

rasheed1 560x380

There are two types of angry athletes: passive, constantly stewing ones, and expressive ones. Rasheed Wallace is one of the best examples of an expressive angry athlete. He has something to say about every call and every person, which helped him accrue the most career technical fouls as a player in NBA history (304). Hell, even when he wasn't an expressive angry athlete, he still got technical fouls, like the one below that he received for simply staring at an official.

Adrian Beltre


How could I not mention the inspiration for this list? Regardless of the situation, Beltre will look mean as hell. I bet he didn't even smile when he was told he was signed by an MLB team at the beginning of his career. He probably just stared down the person who told him. If he was informed over the phone, he just looked at the phone until the person hung up. At least he's been turning that anger into decent hitting in the past two seasons.

Seriously though, if you tried to touch his head, he'd get angry... angry enough to say stuff like this:

"Sometimes I thought about killing him. But I thought about it. I have a family so I didn’t."

Beltre doesn't just play the part, he really IS that mad.