Ten Fun Adult Halloween Party Games

halloween party game 56a325465f9b58b7d0d095cd 560x373Halloween is not just for children. Adults are allowed to have some fun and immerse themselves in the most haunted holiday of the year just as much as the kids do. In fact, since 2010, adults spend about 20% more on their own costumes when compared to anyone 18 or under. Last year, adults spent around $400 million more, in America, on Halloween costumes. So, for a lot of adults, Halloween is a very big deal.

One of the biggest deals of them all is the parties. Halloween parties are usually epic. They allow people to let themselves go for a night and truly have fun while rocking a costume that can be hilarious or simply amazing. These parties are typically thrown with some extensive planning and preparation or they won’t be having one the following year. You have to plan these parties out if you want to have guests and if you want to make it legendary.

There are a few obvious things like alcohol, hired entertainers, live DJs, and themed costumes that can easily help propel your party to that legendary level. But if you want to stand out, you will need an “X” factor, or something that will help people make the choice between your party and the thousand others around your town.

An underrated x-factor for Halloween parties are adult games. We aren’t talking about sexual games, we are simply talking about games that are simply created for adults, not children. These games might even involve some alcoholic beverages so it would be best to never let your children play these games. Here are our recommendations for Ten Adult Halloween Games for a Legendary Party.

10) Evil Temptations

Tempt Fate 560x420

When guests arrive at your party, you offer them a chance to tempt fate or not. If they refuse, then wish them a good time and let them into the party. If they chose to tempt it, hand them a balloon and give them a chance to pop it. Inside each balloon is a piece of paper which is the name of a Halloween shot that they must immediately go to the bar and cash in. It is best not to name the shots by their normal names so the guests will have no clue what it is until they drink it.

9) Slimy Beer Run

Slime 560x560

This one is simple. All you need is some slime and empty cups. Cover the cups in slime and fill them up with some kind of alcohol, or the guests drink. Then have the guests line up and race while trying not to spill the cup. It is tougher than it sounds.

8) Witch’s Brew

Brew 560x476

How can you turn beer pong into a Halloween event? By switching plastic cups with little mini cauldron cups that you can buy from Amazon.com in packs of 24 for under $15.

The rules remain the same, guests shoot ping-pong balls into their opponents cauldrons and the first team to make a shot in every cauldron wins. However, instead of drinking from that cauldron after the shot is made, the drink is taken and poured into a large cauldron, monitored by someone you trust. You can get really into this one by having a witch protect the cauldron as team members pour their cups into it.

Oh and the twist is, instead of beer, you have to put various types of other drinks and juices so that when the game is over, the losing team has to drink a cup from the cauldron, which is served by the witch.

7) Don’t Say Halloween

Dont Say 560x374

Another simple one is “Don’t Say Halloween”. As guests arrive, you pin on them 3-5 Halloween pins, clips, or something decorative to the theme of the party, and then have them monitor each other throughout the night. If someone says Halloween, you get to call them out and remove a pin from them and keep it for yourself. At the end of the night, the winner is the person who has collected the most pins, duh.

6) Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt 560x373

If you plan on doing an adult Halloween scavenger hunt, you need to come up with some very unique items to find. You can also hide bottles of alcohol hidden around the hunting area, awarding bonus points for returning with an empty bottle. The teams work best with either a man and a woman, or two strangers.

It could be a little over the top but you could also handcuff the teams together until they find the entire list.

5) Which Villain?

Villains 560x294

If you are going to have strangers at your party that do not know one another, and you are worried that guests will automatically drift towards their own people, then you need an icebreaker.

This game is the easiest and comes with no prizes. All you have to do is attach a name tag that features the name of a horror movie villain on the guests back, so they can’t see it. This is a fun way for people to have an excuse to talk to strangers in the early stages of the night.

4) Deal with the Devil

Money 560x373

Much like the Don’t Say Halloween game, Deal with the Devil requires guests to collect and report back at the end of the night for a prize.

It starts with handing your guests fake money as they arrive. You can give them between $15-25, depending on the size of the party. It gets fun when people start drinking and getting to know one another because there are no rules to obtaining the money. People could offer to get others their drink for a couple bucks or maybe even a lap dance for $10. The list of ideas is up to the guests and it can get pretty wild.

Also, for this one to work best, you need to have a prize that is worth the hassle. It has to be something that people will be fighting for all night.

3) The Antidote

Antidote 560x280

This is a game that begins as soon as guests arrive. They must stick their hands in a decorative pumpkin and grab a sheet of paper, which have various infectious diseases written on them. Whatever disease the guest gets, they keep the whole night until they find the antidote.

The antidote can be a variety of things. You can simply make it a small bottle of alcohol that they must drink to save themselves. Or you can go one step further and make guests work together for a cure by mixing drinks together or coming up with ways to drink various shots of something. The rules are up to you.

2) Liq-or-Treat

liq 560x596

If a child knocks on a door on Halloween night, the homeowner knows what is going on and gives the child some candy. But if an adult shows up asking for free candy, the situation could get a little awkward, and sometimes, even dangerous.

So instead of doing something that will eventually get you running from a gun-toting lunatic chasing you off his property, why not try something a little more exciting and fun?

Liq-or-Treat is the same idea of trick-r-treating but for adults. In order for this to work, you have to be in costume and you must own a drinking glass of some kind. You then go door-to-door and knock on the door. When the homeowners open up, you say, “Liq-or-Treat” and put your cup up for them to fill it up. This might work best in college towns.

1) Dirty Pumpkin Death Juice

1 1 560x373

Dirty Pumpkin Death Juice is the Halloween version of the famous college card drinking game Ring of Fire. Only, instead of the normal setup where you put an empty cup in the middle and put a bunch of cards face down all around it, you use a plastic pumpkin that you can pour liquid in without worrying about any leaks. Once you find the right pumpkin, put it down on a table and place a normal deck of cards face down around it. It works better if you put something in the pumpkin, but not too much, to begin with.

The game works where a guest picks a card and has to do the rule attached to the card number, or whatever is on the face of that card. The list of rules can be written on a tombstone or chalkboard, the design is up to you. But they have to be clearly written for the people who don’t know how it works. You can also create new rules that are more about Halloween and your party.

Some rules you can use are Waterfall, which means that everyone standing by and watching must drink their drink until the person who chose the card stops. Thumb Master, which is when you put your thumb on the table and everyone must follow and the last person to do so must drink. And most importantly, you must have Pour as a rule. Pour means you have to pour your drink into the pumpkin. The pumpkin is drunk by the last person to pull a joker that is hidden in the pile.