Airline Meals Around The World

American Airlines 560x420The airline meal above is from American Airlines. It may look relatively familiar if you’ve been on longer flights on American. This particular meal was served as lunch in economy class, en route from London to Dallas. It features Lasagna, side salad, roll, water and carrot cake. But what about other airlines around the world? What do you think they serve? Take a quick spin around the globe via the airlines meals you’re likely to be served on board…


Delta 560x373

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic 560x420

Air Canada

Air Canada 560x420

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines 560x373

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines 560x560

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines 560x374


Lufthansa 560x420

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific 560x420

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines 560x420


Kingfisher 560x420

Air France

Air France 560x432

TransAsia Airways

TransAsia Airways Meal 560x373

Ibera Airlines

Iberia Airlines 560x375

Aero Mexico

AeroMexico 560x420

Korean Airlines

Korean Airlines 560x420


DrukAir 560x420

EVA Airways – Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet 560x372

Malaysia Airlines

— Photo Not Found —

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