Aldaris Porteris

Aldaris Portaris

Aldaris, Riga, Latvia

alderisInfo: Since the site is in Latvian, this is from the bottle “Porteris is brewed according to tradition for a rich caramel malt flavour and aroma.”

The color of this beer immediately reminds me of Newcastle, which is an absolute top 10 favorite brew. In fact, the smell even has a reminiscent nuttiness to it, again quite similar to Newcastle. The beer and the head alike have such a dark, rich brown hue coupled with the malty, nutty aroma that even before I take sip one I just know (once again with the preconceived notions) that I’m going to like this beer.

Wow. Now this is something: sweet, malty, of course nutty, and quite like a Porter though it clearly states on the bottle that it’s a Lager. A-ha, now I see where this age-old brew (since 1865) is going: Dark Lager territory! The Sam Adams I had a while back (also a Dark Lager) reminds me very much of this beer. ┬áIt’s quite sweet and even a slight bit heavy, so I certainly wouldn’t go chugging it. It even has a similar flavor to Port itself, as do many porters, but none that I’ve had is quite like this. The mouth feel is thick and certainly laden with malts and just a hint of bitter hops that round out to give it a bit of a chocolaty finish. It has something of a ‘dessert’ beer quality to it, which is cool since I don’t often get to taste a beer that would go better with cake than a meal. That being said, I could definitely see this going well with something spicy, or, on another side of the coin, something bloody and gamy. All in all, very nice indeed.

Rating: * * * *
Though a little on the sweet side, the nuttiness and well-rounded malt flavor makes for a nice brew indeed.