All Things Itchy and Scratchy

itchy and scratchy land 300x219Hey mouse, say cheese! With a dry, cool wit like that, I could be an action hero! If you recognize that quote, then you’re either a ridiculous Simpsons fan or have recently re-watched the episode Itchy & Scratchy Land (Season 6, Episode 4). You know, the one with such areas as Explosion Land, Unnecessary Surgery Land, Torture Land, and Searing Gas Pain Land. What better way to relive such an experience then by playing the actual Itchy & Scratchy game by EA Mobile for your phone? You can check it out over here, and if you still are craving more Simpsons-themed material and over the top violence, here is a rundown of all things Itchy and Scratchy. And remember kids, we parked in the Itchy lot!

Old School Itchy & Scratchy and their Movies

Manhattan Madness – The very first Itchy cartoon parodying Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Itchy puts an Irishman through the wash and chops off Teddy Roosevelt’s head.

steamboat itchy

Steamboat Itchy – a parody of Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie, Itchy rides the steamboat just like Mickey and the short ends with him shooting Scratchy’s legs off at the knees with a Tommy Gun and shoving his head in the furnace.

Pinnitchio – a parody of the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio, Scratchy is Gepetto and Itchy is Pinnitchio.

scratchtasia 300x221

Scratchtasia – Based upon Disney’s Fantasia, Scratchy appears as a sorcerer’s apprentice brandishing an axe. He attacks Itchy, which splits him into several smaller Itchies that start to attack Scratchy. Scratchy attacks again chopping until the Itchies are nothing more than pink powder. He sighs and accidentally inhales the powder. Inside his body, countless microscopic Itchies attack his cells with axes, causing him to rapidly age and turn into dust.

Nazi Supermen are our Superiors – referenced in the episode “Itchy & Scratchy Land” and is probably an Itchy and scratchy cartoon.

itchy and scratchy the movie

Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie – Little of the plot of this movie is explained, but it features skits of Itchy killing Scratchy that can’t be shown on TV. The movie was at the cinemas for eight months and won nine Academy Awards. Bart Simpson was the only person in Springfield who did not get to see the film during its original run, finally seeing it in 2032.

Itchy and Scratchy 2 – As astronauts, Itchy and Scratchy have landed on the moon. There, Itchy impales Scratchy several times with the flag they were going to plant on the surface and cracks his air helmet open, causing Scratchy to apparently die of deoxidation. Back on Earth, Itchy is praised as a hero for being the first mouse on the moon and inexplicably becomes President, with Hillary Clinton as Vice President. It has been made apparent that Scratchy died on his own and Itchy tried to save him. However, Itchy discovers that Scratchy is still alive and going to tell everyone the truth. After desperately thinking, Itchy decides to launch an “accidental” missile launch towards the moon. As Scratchy screams, all the missiles enter his mouth, save for one which reveals a small boot-like contraption inside it and kicks him, causing him to explode.

Newer Itchy & Scratchy Episodes

100-Yard Gash – The scene is at an Olympic Games. A fanfare is heard, and then the theme for Chariots of Fire begins playing. Scratchy is participating in the 100-Yard Dash event. Itchy nails Scratchy’s skin to the floor. Scratchy takes off skinless and wins the race. Later, his skeleton is shown on a Wheaties box. Note that Itchy & Scratchy were the Official Animated Cat And Mouse Team Of The 1984 Olympics.

500-Yard Gash – from the Simpsons Hit & Run video game, Itchy surreptitiously injects Scratchy with steroids just as the race is about to begin. At first, this makes Scratchy faster and stronger, allowing him to circle the earth several times in the time it takes Itchy to almost reach the finish line. However, the exertion takes its toll on Scratchy, and his heart literally explodes mere feet away from the finish line. The final scene shows Itchy on the winner’s stand, holding Scratchy’s head.

500 Easy Pieces – from the Butterfinger commercial, Itchy pokes the stethoscope into Scratchy’s ear, then chomps roughly on the Butterfinger. Scratchy shatters into pieces.

A Briss Before Dying – Itchy lies on a table, presumably for his briss, between a congregation of Jewish mice and Scratchy, who is saying a Hebrew prayer. Scratchy then pulls out a scalpel to murder Itchy. Seeing the scalpel makes Itchy easily frightened. He jumps up on Scratchy’s head, pulls his eyeballs out, and throws them out the window. Attacking Itchy, Scratchy cuts himself to pieces. Itchy picks them up and puts them through a mincer (the eyeballs reappear) and applies the product to the end of a tube, then blows it in a fireplace as if it were made of glass, turning it into a goblet. He wraps it and stamps on it while the other mice clap, shouting “Mousel Tov!”

Aah! Wilderness! – Itchy nails Scratchy to the ground and uses him as a shelter to the thunder storm. Scratchy is then struck by lightning multiple times.

The Battle of Slaughter-Loo – This cartoon was edited for prison viewing. Itchy and Scratchy lead two armies against each other. As they run towards each other on the battlefield, they pull out bigger and better weapons. As they collide, the episode cuts to Itchy declaring an end to “the spectacular 3D blood and gore!”. Then, the mice celebrate.

bang the cat slowly1 300x225


Bang the Cat Slowly – It’s Scratchy’s birthday. Itchy produces a box, puts a lit bomb in it, causing Scratchy to scream. This allows Itchy to pull his tongue out and use it to wrap the box. Scratchy’s tongue snaps back into his mouth and the box lodges itself in his throat. Scratchy blinks and the bomb explodes, launching his head and party hat into the air. His hat lands first on his neck, then his head falls and is impaled on the hat.

the beagle has landed
The Beagle Has Landed – The debut of Poochie. Itchy and Scratchy are in a car together on their way to the fireworks factory. On the way they run into new character Poochie who goes on a long rap to introduce himself and illustrate how “Hip” & “Extreme” he is and also how much attitude he has (note the sunglasses) and finishes by telling children watching to always recycle… to the extreme!

bleeder of the pack 300x225

Bleeder of the Pack – Officer Scratchy is minding his own business, talking to a civilian, until troublemaker Itchy chains Scratchy’s tail to the parking meter. Scratchy takes off on his motorcycle, chasing Itchy, and his skin gets torn off his body. Two ‘Itchy’ mice in an ambulance take him onboard a plane that the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly are riding. After Scratchy notices they were turned into vampires, the plane crashes.

The Buck Chops Here – Itchy and Scratchy take a tour of the federal mint. Itchy clobbers Scratchy with a bag full of money and prints Scratchy into money. Itchy circulates the Scratchy bills to smoking dogs at a tycoon convention, who burn them to light their cigars.

Bummer Vacation – Scratchy is running out of school, only to get run over by Itchy’s SUV. Itchy takes Scratchy’s body and puts it in Body Worlds. He gets an award and becomes a scientist. While working in the lab, the ghost of Scratchy comes back to haunt Itchy. Itchy gets out a laser and zaps him into pieces. He then turns the remaining pieces of Scratchy into a chicken dinner and eats it.

burning down the mouse 300x225

Burning Down the Mouse – Supposedly, the one where Scratchy finally kills Itchy. Itchy is tied to a pole and Scratchy puts unusually large explosives around him, including two nuclear bombs. Just as Scratchy is about to blast Itchy, the Simpsons’ TV is unplugged and we don’t see what happens. The cartoon is over when it comes back on and Krusty says that there’s no way they’ll ever be allowed to show that again in a million years.

Burning Love – Scratchy is sleeping outside in a hammock and Itchy fires a burning arrow at him, setting him aflame. Scratchy jumps around on fire, screaming.

Butter Off Dead – In an Amish/Mennonite setting, Itchy runs out of butter. As farmer Scratchy visits farmer Itchy, Itchy shoves Scratchy into a cow’s mouth, and an inside view of the cow shows Scratchy being digested by its four stomachs. Itchy then milks the digested Scratchy out of the cow and pours the milk into a butter churn to create his own “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Scratchy!” butter. When he spreads this on his toast, Scratchy’s eyeballs are seen, and after saying a quick prayer Itchy chomps down on the toast.

Candle in the Wound – is featured in Treehouse of Horror IX.

Cat Splat Fever – We see Scratchy in the bedroom, in which there are separate beds labeled “Itchy” and “Scratchy,” and a picture of the two on the wall. Scratchy finds a note on Itchy’s bed: “Goodbye Cruel World — Itchy” and looks outside just in time to see him jump into a well. Or so he thought. Scratchy thinks Itchy wants to take his own life and thus jumps into it to save him. Itchy never did jump, however, and Scratchy falls to the bottom of the well where he is eaten by a waiting alligator. When his ghost as an angel rises upwards, Itchy takes out his gun and shoots him.

This episode is “Dedicated to Timmy O’Toole.”

Circus of the Scars – Itchy and Scratchy are trapeze artists in a circus. While swinging towards each others, Scratchy hanging with his hands and Itchy with his legs, Itchy pulls out two knives and cuts Scratchy’s hands off. Scratchy falls on the safety net, which slices and dices him. An elephant standing there starts eating the pieces of Scratchy as if they were peanuts.

Come Flay with Me – The horrors of flying. Scratchy is on a plane with various versions of Itchy. A large Itchy gives him less room. A baby screams in his ears making them bleed. A attendant comes by and Scratchy’s hand gets cut off. A passenger in front of him pulls the seat back squeezing him. The attendant opens the luggage case and various weapons come out and attack him.

Dazed And Confuted – the Dazed and Confused pun shows Itchy lightly hitting Scratchy on the head with a mallet. Itchy laughs each time as Scratchy says “Ow”. At the end they both say “Kids! Say no to drugs!” and smile.

Deaf Comedy Blam! – In this one Scratchy is an ear trauma patient and Itchy uses his stethoscope with his ears and stretches it until he reaches a French nuclear testing site. When the bomb explodes the sound travels through the stethoscope until it reaches Scratchy and makes his head explode.

diePod Slaylist – Not iPod Playlist, in this one Itchy cranks up Scratchy’s myPod volume so loud that it melts his brain. Then Itchy replaces Scratchy’s brain with Einstein’s. A much smarter Scratchy invents the atomic bomb, then upon realizing it’s destructive power he invents a time machine and goes back in time to stop himself from inventing the A-bomb. But just as he goes to warn himself, he realizes it’s a trap; Itchy has replaced the old Scratchy with an A-bomb decoyed as Scratchy.

Esophagus Now – Scratchy is dining at a restaurant and orders a steak. Itchy is the waiter and while Scratchy is putting on his napkin Itchy sneaks under the table and shaves off a section of Scratchy’s fur pulling out his stomach without him noticing. Itchy serves it as rare steak decorated with an olive. Scratchy starts to eat it but the chunk he chews on goes down his throat and out his stomach back onto the plate. This situation is repeated three more times. Itchy hands Scratchy the bill (which is $100). When Scratchy sees the bill he shrieks and his head explodes.

Field of Screams – Itchy and Scratchy continuously bonk each other with baseball bats until a squirrel resembling Marge comes along and tells Itchy and Scratchy to stop what they’re doing. Itchy knocks off the squirrel’s head and the two nemeses shake hands. Also can be applied to the episode where Scratchy and his son are playing catch in the park. Itchy and son slices Scratchy and son with a combine. Itchy and son play catch using Scratchy’s head as the ball.

Flay Me To The Moon – The title card shows an American-flag-wielding Itchy chasing Scratchy. Scratchy is reading the newspaper, the banner headline of which says “MOON SHOT TODAY.” Itchy appears at the window and grabs an oblivious Scratchy’s tongue and runs with it . . . to the launching pad of the aforementioned moon shot. He ties it securely around one of the rocket’s tail fins and awaits the launch. The rocket blasts off and Scratchy’s tongue unreels for the entire 250,000 mile trip. The rocket makes several quick orbits, leaving Scratchy’s tongue in a Gordian knot around the moon. Scratchy’s tongue exerts enough of a pull on the moon to bring it hurtling toward earth — specifically, Scratchy’s house. Scratchy notices something is wrong, goes to the window to look, and sees the rapidly growing apparent size of the moon. He screams, runs about with arms flailing and finally heads for the closet to hide. The moon more than adequately flattens Scratchy’s house. You then see a control room full of Itchies, watching on a big monitor, cheering and popping champagne. Mission: successful.

Foster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – Synopsis: Scratchy is reading a newspaper. As he hears his doorbell ring, he sees Itchy at the door, disguised as a baby. The minute Scratchy picks up Itchy, Itchy breaks the bottle in half and stabs Scratchy with it. Itchy steals Scratchy’s TV and runs off, with Scratchy saying his last words: “Why, my only son?”.

Four Funerals and a Wedding – Scratchy is getting married to a girl cat. During the ceremony Itchy replaces the bride with one made entirely of explosives, and lights the fuses. We see Scratchy kissing his newlywed wife, feeding her with wedding cake. After this we see Scratchy sitting on a sofa next to his wife, while two children, also made entirely of explosives are playing on the floor. Finally, we can see old Scratchy, with his wife, still fuses ignited, sitting calmly on the porch of an old folks home in rocking chairs. His wife finally explodes, taking Scratchy with her. Old Itchy runs to the scene, laughing at Scratchy’s burnt remains. Suddenly, Itchy grasps his chest, grunts and falls to the floor, dead.

This short won the Springfield Film Festival award for Outstanding Animated Short.

From Here To Infirmity – Itchy and Scratchy are making out and moaning on the beach when Itchy drags a shark and Scratchy kisses it instead. The shark tears him apart and the director of the show stops it for the commercials. Itchy starts smoking a cigarette and a mutilated Scratchy soon joins him. The episode ends with Itchy, Scratchy and the director coughing up tobacco.

Germs of Endearment – Scratchy visits Dr. Itchy and wants Itchy to do a tonsillectomy exam on him. Itchy opens Scratchy’s mouth and ties Scratchy’s organs to a brick and tosses the brick out the window. Scratchy dives out the window and puts his organs back where they belong, and lands on a cactus.

The Glass Moan-agerie – Scratchy applies for an apprenticeship with Itchy, who runs a store selling glass sculpture. Itchy accepts the offer, and tosses him into the kiln. After Itchy blows Scratchy into a glass “NO VACANCY” sign for a motel, he sits and admires his finished work while sipping a drink with a female mouse in the pool.

Good Cats, Bad Choices – The setting is a talk show, and Scratchy is the guest. “Says mouse friend mistreats him” reads the caption. Backstage, Itchy feels he is the victim, and goes on-stage with a broken bottle. Scratchy “doesn’t know slashing is imminent”, but panics when reading this last caption. Itchy then comes on to the stage and attempts to kill Scratchy with the bottle, however the episode is then interrupted by Kent Brockman.

hold that feline 300x225
Hold That Feline – Itchy tees up a football-bomb and kicks it. Scratchy catches it just before it explodes, leaving a huge crater. Several huge football-jerseyed cats pile on to the crater, presumably crushing Scratchy.

House of Pain – Scratchy is tied up in the wood column while Itchy impales and kills Scratchy with a nail and hanging a picture of themselves.

I’m Getting Buried in the Morning – The title is a reference to the show tune “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” from “My Fair Lady”. It was Scratchy’s wedding with his bride and Itchy was the reverend. After the wedding, Itchy used his reverend hat as a boomerang to cut the bride’s head of which Scratchy was holding on to and then himself. The cartoon ends with Itchy driving off with his car with the heads of Scratchy and his wife.

Itchy & Scratchy meet Fritz the Cat – A pornographic 1970s-style cartoon. Scratchy is attempting to pick up a prostitute when he sees Itchy driving by in a car. When Itchy gets out of the car, Itchy pours gasoline on him and sets him alight with a cigarette. While Scratchy burns, Itchy drives off with the prostitute.

kitchen kut ups 300x225
Kitchen Kut-Ups – Itchy and Scratchy are pounding each other with meat tenderizers. Next we see Scratchy pinned to the counter while Itchy tries to stab him with a butcher knife. Finally, Itchy connects and Scratchy screams. We then briefly see Itchy wielding an electric mixer.

Kitty-Kill Condition – Scratchy visits the feline cardiologist, who is Itchy. When Itchy brings Scratchy in for a stress test, he speeds up the treadmill, building up Scratchy’s stress, to the point Scratchy has a heart attack. Itchy takes out Scratchy’s heart and the heart runs all over the treatment room. Itchy catches the heart, sticks dynamite in it and puts the heart back in Scratchy’s belly. Itchy shows a picture of him with Scratchy’s wife, causing Scratchy to die. During Scratchy’s funeral, the dynamite explodes and kills everyone.

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang – Itchy and Scratchy are at a bowling alley. Itchy pulls Scratchy’s tongue into the ball returner. Itchy then lights a bomb and bowls it down to the end. As the bomb comes back up the returner Scratchy tries sawing his tongue in half to save himself but the bomb appears before him and explodes. Itchy sells Scratchy’s remains to dogs who are seen eating them.

last traction hero
Last Traction Hero – Scratchy is working out at a gym, lifting weights and such to get huge. Itchy continuously pokes Scratchy in the chest with a needle, causing Scratchy to bleed heavily. Then Itchy chops off his biceps and pectoral muscles, revealing them bloodily severed. After that, they announce Itchy and Scratchy Land is opening, and to celebrate they are cutting ticket prices in half for a week. Itchy stabs Scratchy in the head with scissors, blood pouring out the other end. Scratchy removes the scissors (now with his brain attached) and drools.

let them eat scratchy 300x225
Let Them Eat Scratchy – Itchy cuts off Scratchy’s head with a guillotine. Scratchy’s head rolls to a stop and Itchy stuffs a bomb into his mouth. After the explosion, all that’s left is a cat skull.

Little Barbershop of Horrors – Scratchy walks into a barber shop where Itchy is waiting. He cuts off the top of his head and gradually works his way down. Then he throws some acid on a towel and burns off his skin. It won a cartoon grammy.

messenger of death 300x225

Messenger of Death – Scratchy answers a knock at the door, looks down and sees Itchy, who draws a bazooka, aims directly at Scratchy’s head, and fires. Scratchy’s body is left intact, but his head is a skull.

Moo Goo Gai Pain – Scratchy notices an “All You Can Eat Cat Special” at a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, he’s on the menu. The result, Itchy chops him up, sprinkles spices on his pieces, and then eaten by the customers, leaving his head. An hour later, the customers ate up Scratchy’s head, leaving his skull intact.

My Bloody Valentine – Itchy and Scratchy give each other Valentine’s Day gifts, and while Scratchy gives Itchy a heart-shaped card, Itchy gives Scratchy his own real heart! At home, Scratchy reads a newspaper saying he needs a heart to stay alive. Scratchy dies before he can reach it, as it is sitting on his mantelpiece.

my dinner with itchy 300x225
My Dinner With Itchy – Itchy and Scratchy are dining at a fine restaurant and are about to drink wine. However, Scratchy decides to drink the wine first thus figuring out that Itchy actually gave him a carafe of green carbonic acid. After noticing his lower body is nothing but his own skeleton, Itchy throws his ‘wine’ into Scratchy’s eyes. Screaming in pain, Scratchy runs into the street where he is run over by a streetcar.

o solo meow 300x225
O Solo Meow – Scratchy is seated at a table in an Italian type restaurant. Itchy, the waiter, arrives with a spaghetti platter which contains a bomb. Scratchy, oblivious to the bomb, twirls the spaghetti and bomb together on his fork and eats it. While slurping the spaghetti strands, he sees the fuse burn down. Realizing what has happened, he frantically jumps around screaming and runs through a door to the outside. Unfortunately, the door is too low, and Scratchy is decapitated on the way. His body explodes outside, leaving a smoking hole. A pink dog-busboy comes along and trips over Scratchy’s head, causing all his dishes to crash to the floor. Cut to Itchy, who is giggling.

Par for the Corpse – Itchy and Scratchy play golf. Itchy uses Scratchy’s head as the golf ball and Scratchy’s head reaches the moon.

Planet of the Aches – The plot involves Itchy placing Scratchy behind a cinderblock wall, and sealing him inside. Three millennia later, futuristic Itchy-like mice (with large bulging heads with visible brains) open up the wall with lasers. They find Scratchy now feeble, emaciated and bearded. The mice nurse helps Scratchy back to health, dress him, and groom him with their telekinetic powers. Lastly, he is taken to a large Flavian-esque amphitheater where all the mice smile indulgently. They then use their telekinetic powers to launch blades and knives at Scratchy, dismembering him as the audience applauds.

porch pals
Porch Pals – The first “kinder, gentler” Itchy and Scratchy production. Itchy and Scratchy are sitting in rocking chairs on a porch with a table holding a pitcher of lemonade between them.

Remembrance of Things Slashed – Itchy is upset after reading the newspaper saying that Scratchy has died of an illness. Scratchy comes back as a ghost to haunt Itchy. Itchy tries to stab Scratchy but the knife goes through him. Itchy then sucks him up with a vacuum cleaner and blows him out into the freezer. When Scratchy is frozen solid, Itchy chips the eyes out and uses them as ice cubes in his drink.

Reservoir Cats – In this episode, a pastiche of the Quentin Tarantino feature film Reservoir Dogs, Itchy is seen splashing gasoline over Scratchy and cutting his ear off with a penknife to Steelers’ Wheel’s Stuck in the Middle With You (as in Reservoir Dogs). A cartoon Quentin Tarantino then appears and says, “What I’m trying to say is that violence is everywhere, man, it’s like even in breakfast cereals…” At that point Itchy sharpens his knife and chops Tarantino’s head off. Itchy and Scratchy high-five and dance around Tarantino’s freshly decapitated body, similar to a dance scene in his film Pulp Fiction.

Scar Trek: The Next Laceration – Scratchy is cruising in his spaceship. Itchy pops out of his stomach and tosses Scratchy into the airlock and hits the “Blow Hatch” button. Scratchy quickly dons his spacesuit before being blown out into space. Itchy then emerges from the ship in a space pod like that of 2001: A Space Odyssey and cuts Scratchy in half using Saturn’s rings (which act as a sawblade), then removes Scratchy’s space helmet, causing Scratchy’s head to inflate. Itchy then punctures Scratchy’s inflated eye with a pin, causing blood to splatter everything in the scene.

Screams From a Mall – Scratchy is shopping at a mall. Itchy nails his feet to the escalator. Scratchy gets caught in the escalator and gets his fur torn off. Itchy sells Scratchy’s fur at a fur shop. A rich couple buys Scratchy’s fur and Scratchy takes his fur back. He leaves the mall, only to be beaten by animal rights activists for wearing fur.

skinless in seattle 300x225
Skinless in Seattle – Scratchy is supposed to meet his lover at the Space Needle, but this is actually just one of Itchy’s schemes to kill Scratchy. Itchy throws down a penny but it misses Scratchy, who is lovesick for his mystery lover and oblivious to Itchy’s attempted murder. Miniature souvenir Space Needles also fail to kill Scratchy; instead they form an ironic heart shape around him. Visibly annoyed, Itchy then saws off the top half of the Space Needle, which hits Scratchy in the eye as he looks up. Scratchy runs around in agony with half the Space Needle stuck in his eyeball.

the sounds of silence 300x225
The Sound of Silencers – A St. Valentine’s Day Massacre theme, various suspect animals, including Scratchy are up on a wall. Itchy, as a policeman, is wondering who caused the crime. Obviously, he picks Scratchy and shoots him until he bleeds very badly. Itchy then pauses, and shoots him again writing “The End” on Scratchy’s bloody body using his gun.

spay anything 300x221
Spay Anything – Scratchy walks along Itchy’s Cat Hospital and looks at a sign that says “We Pay Your Pet $75”. The minute Scratchy enters the hospital, Itchy reveals the sign said “We Spay Your Pet $75”! Two bulldogs strap Scratchy to a table and Itchy turns on the spaying mechanism — a giant laser. To save himself, Scratchy has to use the fine maneuvers of James Bond to deactivate the spaying machine, only he uses his tongue to unplug the machine! Scratchy feels relieved, but Itchy plugs the machine in again and the laser slices Scratchy to pieces.

Spherical on 34th Street – During the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Itchy fills Scratchy up with hydrogen, turning him into a balloon-like creature. Itchy then fires a flaming arrow at Scratchy. Scratchy explodes and his guts spray the street and Itchy, as a reporter, shouts, “Oh, the hilarity!” After that, the pilgrims eat a chunk of Scratchy’s body.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae – Scratchy sits down at a soda fountain, but tries to run when he sees that the soda jerk is Itchy. Itchy grabs him and stuffs him into a metal shake container, and puts it under the mixer. Voila: Scratchy puree.

Safety First – Itchy and Scratchy show guests what can happen to them if they don’t follow ride rules as a female voiceover goes over several safety tips before boarding the ride, as ‘legally required’ introduced by Sideshow Bob.

Tears Of A Clone – Scratchy has recently died, and mourners (including Poochie) visit his coffin at a funeral. Itchy is depressed and alcoholic without Scratchy, and he reminisces about all the times he killed him. He looks at a newspaper headline about a cloned sheep and he decides to make clones of Scratchy. He builds a cloning machine using a sample of Scratchy’s blood from a meat cleaver to make Scratchy clones. As the clones come out from the machine, Itchy kills them all using various weapons. He can’t keep up with the rate of the machine, and after getting tired of killing Scratchy by hand, he builds a killing machine and puts it directly after the cloning machine. When the blood of the clones sprays out of the machine it spells “THE END” on the wall.

That Happy Cat – The first Scratchy cartoon. Scratchy, in a 1920s style cartoon, walks down the street whistling while wearing a hat. He stops and tips his hat forward, rocks backwards and forwards then continues walking. The cartoon was 14 seconds long and, needless to say, did very poorly.

to kill a talking bird 300x219
To Kill a Talking Bird – This is a cinema notice. Itchy and Scratchy and the other animals in the theater’s audience grow annoyed with a duck talking too loud on his cell phone. Itchy and Scratchy replace the duck’s phone with dynamite, killing it. After the explosion, the duck is a skeleton and says “Uh-Oh”. Then, Itchy removes Scratchy’s intestines from his body to write “Please No Talking” on the screen which reminds audience to be quiet during the feature presentation.

The Un-Natural – Scratchy strikes out and meets Itchy who suggests he should use steroids. Scratchy hestiates that he could have health problems and Itchy claims he could have millions of dollars. Scratchy takes them and hits a home run that goes all the way to the North Pole. Scratchy becomes very famous and falls in love. But, six years later, Scratchy goes to court and testifies guilty. His steroid effects destroy the whole court. He floats the White House where the Lincoln Monument comes to life and rips off his head then hits him for a home run. Scratchy’s head was sent to the museum as a hall of fame and lots of mice paparazzi arrived to take a picture of his head on the hall of fame podium… even when Kent Brockman interrupts the cartoon for a status on the prison escape.

According to Kent Brockman, this cartoon has won an Annie Award.

What’s Nuked, Pussycat? – In an episode written and directed by C. Montgomery Burns, Scratchy is protesting outside the Nuclear Power Plant, when Itchy spears him with a forklift truck, telling Scratchy about the benefits of nuclear power, such as generating energy for the local orphanage and hospital. When Scratchy suggests that Wind Power is cheap and safe, Itchy chops Scratchy’s head off with the blades of a wind turbine. An eagle flies into shot, looking like Mr Burns (and voiced by Mr Burns), telling viewers that “Nuclear Power is your friend, and so is Monty Burns”. Scratchy’s head tells viewers to “vote Republican”, with Itchy saying “God Bless America!”, before adding “This cartoon was made in Korea.”

Why Do Fools Fall in Lava? – Scratchy pays Itchy for a bungee jump in the volcano, and Itchy cuts open Scratchy’s belly and ties his intestines. Then he shoves in the volcano, and as soon as he is about to plunge in the lava, the intestines hold on. As Scratchy sighs with relief, Itchy fills his intestines with gasoline. Scratchy tries to hold the gasoline inside but he bursts and is reduced to cinders by the lava.

A big thank you to Wikipedia on this.