Amazing Artwork, 100 Cars at a Time

railroad car art ii jessica grandall e1383638556938 560x274

Where I live, the city Portage in Kalamazoo County in South-Western Michigan, we are privileged enough to have a rather lengthy railroad circle of track that basically bisects the town. Privileged, you say? Why, aren’t trains the epitome of annoyance when you’re stopped to let one pass especially while in a hurry for the hospital or a huge sale at Macy’s? Yeah, I’ll grant you that a fully-loaded and serpentine, hundred-car train can be a drag as it slowly clacks by ad infinitum.

But, let me point out that it’s times like that when you can really stop and enjoy some of the coolest traveling graffiti ever seen! Being an artist myself, I really do see the beauty and extensive work put into otherwise illegal activity. Maybe you don’t typically pay attention, but once you see it and realize that this beautiful and oft ignored artistry is splayed out right in front of you, it certainly makes getting held up by a train that much more fun.

Trust me, if you live in even the most ass-backwards industrial village, chances are pretty damn good you have a rail. Next time a train trundles by, stop for a second (or a half hour, in some cases) and really take in a neat show. You’ll probably see some amazing art work like this :