Amazon’s Worst Product Reviewer?

Amazon Logo 560x291There are no shortage of websites and blog posts that highlight entertaining product reviews across the web. One product on in particular, Tuscan Whole Milk, is used specifically for witty reviews with more than 1,000 written. However, it’s typically the least helpful reviews that get badges of (dis)honor, as some eager to contribute to the World Wide Web simply don’t get it.

Folks, you’ve likely never read a comment by this guy, but after reading his review of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” and seeing he’s written similar things dozens of times, I couldn’t decide if he was being purposely unhelpful to the point of hilarity, or if we’re dealing with, shall we say, a ‘special’ person.

His “real” name is T. Robbins, aka Human Eclipse of Ohio. He currently has 21 of 116 (18%) helpful votes. But since I actually took the time to read these and post about it, perhaps he’s more influential than I’m giving him credit for. Here’s a taste:

amazonreview08 560x160

amazonreview06 560x180

He’s never really read a book before, but Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening is FIVE STARS.

amazonreview05 560x158

Take note, Hollywood: The CGI Hulk is not working.

amazonreview02 560x167

Finally, something we both agree on. Labyrinth is a classic and we all should be watching it right now.

amazonreview07 560x165His title of this takes the cake.

amazonreview01 560x154

Yet he gave it five stars and titles it “great movie.”


One star because it wasn’t a book he needed, though it was a good book. Huh?

amazonreview09 560x211

No matter what you think of him after reading these reviews, you can’t say he’s not a good friend.

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